Thursday, March 5, 2015

Three Things Thursday

In honour of being lazy these past few days and accomplishing nada, I thought I would share some small life tidbits instead of one big post.

1. Parking for Two?
I've mentioned before that my current condo has a parking spot and Cam has been using it for his car (he is here around 50% of the time so it has been really handy). It is my first time having a parking spot and I really didn't think it was in my budget when condo hunting, but I lucked out. (parking spots go for around $30,000 and up in Toronto, depending on location). I have really been enjoying the freedom it offers for Cam and guests visiting as my building has limited visitors spots.

Anyway the condo building is undergoing major renovations to the parking garage and in the summer I am losing access to my spot for around 6-7 weeks and I applied for an alternate spot during the construction. I was talking to the property manager and she said "you only applied for one alternate you need two?". I was all "what the what??". Turns out my parking spot is actually a tandem spot, which means that two cars can park in it, though it is not two actual separate spots because one car blocks in the other.

That angled area to the right is my "second spot"
I don't think the sellers KNEW this was a tandem spot. It was never mentioned anywhere! So that was a really fun surprise! Now I have TWO spots for guests! Or maybe I'll get my own car one day! PS- my spot is also right next to the elevators and relatively un-pillary. It is an el primo spot in my opinion...even if it is a long hike from my actual condo unit.

2. Oil of Oregano is the Bomb-Diggity

On Friday I woke up with a tickle in my throat...never a good sign. As the day progressed I started feeling more and more like a cold was imminent (everyone is sick right now and I am surrounded by germs). When I got home I took 4 drops of Oil of Oregano in some OJ and continued that every day after. I was really tired for a few days, but that was my only symptom and I beat that cold back like no one's business.

I swear by Oil of Oregano every time I feel a cold coming on and the last 3-4 times have all been like this- just a lot of tiredness for a few days and then I am back to normal! It tastes HORRIBLE, but I just gulp it down with orange juice for that vitamin C kick. It is also kind of pricey ($25 for a small bottle), but at 4 drops a day it lasts for a loooong time.

Anyway, I just want to spread the word about this stuff so others can try!

3. Absentminded Bad Habits

Does anyone else have a bad habit that they just can't quit because they don't even catch themselves doing it until it is too late? Biting nails, cracking knuckles, twirling hair? Mine is touching my eyebrows. I KNOW, IT'S WEIRD. I am a tactile fidgit-er, in that I am always doing repetitive motions that feel interesting to my fingertips. I have no idea if that makes sense, but as a little kid I used to roll the satin edge of my blanket to a sharp point and rub my thumb over it so I guess I started young with this habit?

Anyway I cannot seem to stop touching my new eyebrows because it feels damn cool. I think I caught myself 100 times today (no exaggeration). My eyebrows cost like $70 a pop now with the exchange rate and shipping and I am wearing them down so fast with all my touching!! Does anyone have any tips for breaking this habit? I do it without realizing! Help me!!

Bonus Thursday Thing:
Why are cats so afraid of bananas?

I need to know.


  1. Hahaha, that last cat killed me.
    Ugh, yeah to the habit. Picking the skin on the side of my thumb nails. I know it sounds gross. I know it IS gross, but in the winter it's especially bad because my skin is all dry there and I just can't leave it alone! I don't know how to stop so I don't have much advice... Though lately I have been playing with an elastic band during prime thumb picking time (any sort of mindless activity) and it seems to be working a bit.

    1. Ya Cam does that skin picking thing too. Your poor fingers!! Maybe ill try an elastic band or something to distract me.

      PS- your latest post makes me excited for our poutine date next week!!!

    2. YUP - Hynotherapy with get rid of that for you. We had a an wonderful hypnotherapist in our office when I worked for the two psychotherapists. Also, anyone who does NLP (Neuro Linguist Programming) Similar to hypnotherapy - just a different method. I think we all have "habits". I apparently rub my feet together whenever they are bare (like watching TV in the evenings). Drives Neil nuts. (so I keep socks on!) YAY re the parking!!! xo Sheila

  2. i am a hair puller to the extreme. my fidget ring has definitely helped! you can find all sorts of styles on etsy. any time i feel the urge, i fiddle with my ring :)

  3. I'm an earring fidler. Just my left ear for some reason. Don't know why. I also play with the ring on my right hand - I twirl it with my thumb. Every so often it goes flying off which is bad 'cause it was expensive. I'll be beyond upset if it every goes missing do to my bad habit :(


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