Friday, March 20, 2015

The Big Blue

I've been trying to pick out the perfect blue/green for the bedroom, and it is turning into a Herculean effort. I originally thought CIL's Clear Sailing would be, well, clear sailing. I picked up a sample can, along with a sample of CIL's Vienna Lake as a comparison colour. I painted two coats of the samples on the wall and stared for a bit.

Vienna Lake on left and Clear Sailing on right

I came of the room and Cam asked me what I thought of the paint colours and our conversation went exactly like this:

It just looked....really blue. I apparently like either really light neutrals or really dark colours because these medium hues are impossible for me!! I want the room to feel airy, bright, serene, and I went back to the store and got another sample..this one with more green in it and I picked the lightest shade, Storytime. It is painted on top here:

I think I am going to go with Storytime, but it sure isn't a simple choice! Cam likes that one the most too, so that helps. Part of me thinks maybe I should look for something greener, and the other side of me knows I don't want to end up with a mint bedroom (I love mint, just not what I am going for in here). It is funny because the paint chips are very green in some lights, but when the paint is on the wall in this room these colours are super blue! Just proves to me that sample pots are always a good idea.

Of course, if I end up hating it, it isn't a big room so I can always repaint!

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  1. Behr's pensive sky is a really nice blue that doesn't wack you in the face... I compare it to the color of glass..., a soft greyish blue!


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