Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Living Room Plan

I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning for how I want to decorate my condo, but I am hitting SUCH a roadblock when it comes to actually buying things! Did you know furniture and decor isn't cheap? Because I am learning that. I think it was easier in the old condo because I already had all the furniture I needed and could just play with decor. Sigh! I will get there!

My new couch arrives in a couple weeks and I am excited to start decorating the living room around it. Here is kind of what I am thinking of...

I have really been feeling florals and watercolours, plus I like the beachy look so I am focusing on blues, greens, and purples. Gold accents will add some warmth to the room. I am writing this like I know what I am talking about, but I really just this this looks pretty :).

Source List:
1. Donovan Couch by Stylus
- Already bought and on route!

2. Blue Tufted Ottoman
- Already owned...though I got it for way less at HomeSense :)

3. Strandmon Wing Chair from Ikea
- I used the blue one here, but Ikea is retired the current colours and releasing new ones in April, so we shall see if that ends up being the right chair for me...but I like the size, shape, and price!

4. Round Nest of Tables from Zarahome
- I like the idea of nested tables because my ottoman doesn't have a flat top for drinks. Plus it is nice to have extra space for drinks when entertaining.

5. Rubicon Jute Rug from West Elm
- I really want a rug, but I am totally confused if one would work, given my angled living room. Once the couch comes I will need to tape this out on the floor and see if it looks silly. Also not all West Elm rugs are available in Canada and I don't know if my store stocks this gold one.

6. Watercolour Flowers from Dianamturnerart
- I really like the idea of watercolours, but I am unsure of what I want to spend on the art so that might be a down-the-line thing. I also really want to take a course in watercolours! Though, that would probably be more expensive than just buying art...

7. Throw Pillow Fabric Ralph Lauren Bluff Point Floral Aqua Tablecloth.
- I found this tablecloth at Marshalls and I looove it because it is watercolour-like, turquoise, and floral! I have two giant pillows from Ikea that I am going to make covers for. Cam and I both love napping with these pillows so I can't wait to get covers on them! I just need to pick up some piping and zippers.


  1. Beautiful!
    You can get piping and zippers from Designer fabrics on Queen, or did you know they've opened a Fabricland in the basement at Honest Ed's? I think it will be there until they tear down the building, so a year or so :)

  2. Gorgeous! I love this! Those watercolors are amazing :)


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