Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Desk for My Main Man

A couple months ago my work got all new iMacs. Cam had mentioned that his computer was reaching the end of it's life so I brought my old work computer home for him (it was a little slow, but still worked perfectly fine). Now that Cam is pretty much here all the time, he asked if he could bring the computer to the condo so he could work on practicing his guitar. So we needed to find a desk!

I scoured Craigslist/Kijiji for desks for sale in my neighbourhood and I quickly came across a nice big desk for only $20. I had no idea of my long-term plans for the far wall of the condo living room, but I certainly didn't mind spending only $20 for a desk in the meantime. Cam and I walked the 5 minutes over to this guy's condo with my dolly and brought it on home. We both ended up really liking it for this space and so I think it is going to stay!

I was pretty sure the desk was Ikea, so I looked it up and it is the Linnmon table. It is a really cheap table, but it is actually pretty sturdy and nice-looking in person. I still want to get an armchair for where the plant is now, but I love seeing this end of the room get filled out! I am ashamed to admit my old dishwasher sat back there for almost 2 months....


Let's hope the view out the window is spring-like soon!

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