Friday, February 27, 2015

Well This is Alarming

About a month ago, Cam mentioned he would like some sort of clock in the bedroom, because he never knows what time it is when he wakes up in the middle of the night. I keep my phone on my nightstand, but he isn't really a phone-next-to-bed type. So agreed that we could get a clock for him, but I wanted to pick it out.

See, I don't like the bright light that comes with an digital clock, and I am not generally a fan of the style of 90% of the cheaper alarm clocks out there. So I hopped onto Amazon and fell into the world of cute clocks. I ended up ordering this white, subtle wood grain one, and it took a few weeks to ship out- but actually came a couple of weeks before I expected it!

I know- white on white on white...I really branched out here.

Anyway I really liked it because it was small and sleek AND the clock only comes on with a loud noise or being tapped- meaning Cam can check the time when he wants, but it won't be lit up 24/7 keeping me up.

Now the downsides to this puppy? The first was the small chip in the top-right. I emailed the company and they did get back to me and said it was "supposed to be chipped", but I think there is some sort of translation issue at hand here. They told me to email them a photo and they will consider a full refund if it is indeed defective. So we shall see on that!

I will also say that all the instructions are in some sort of Chinese (?). They emailed me English instructions when I asked, but they weren't much better. I was able to figure it in about 10 minutes on my own, thankfully! I also have no idea how to use the alarm clock function, but neither of us need to use that anyway...we just needed a clock. I should also mention it works on batteries or cord, but it is just a USB cord so you need you own wall adapter.

Oh- and like anything sound or touch operated it once in awhile has turned on by itself. I blame ghosts :)


  1. Very cool "clock"!! Sheila

  2. I love that they told you it is supposed to be chipped. :P


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