Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Map Gallery Wall Version 2.0

One of my favourite projects in the old condo was my gallery wall of maps in my hallway. Basically, every time I travel to a new city, I save my walking map and frame it when I get home to remember my trip by. Now, I only started this a couple years ago so I had to buy/print some maps that I no longer had, but the memories are still there in those streets and monuments! I finally got my maps back up in my new front hall and I love them!

You may have also noticed my new welcome sign! I had just hung the hook there a week ago, but then someone on Craigslist was selling this adorable yellow welcome hook and I was all "well that trumps my single hook", so I scooped this baby up for $10. I think it was originally from Urban Outfitters.

This is hung directly across from the front door and it is such a cheery site when you open the door and complements my gallery wall of maps perfectly!

For the gallery wall, the frames are Ribba frames from Ikea and I laid them out on the floor and was pleasantly surprised to see that the 5 horizontal and 6 vertical lined up perfectly. And happily I had 16 maps! The only downside is I can't travel anymore because then my maps will no longer line up so perfectly :P

To hang them I just penciled in 3 long, level lines, using a frame and a one inch piece of wood to space out the lines evenly. Then I just nailed away, using that 1 inch piece of wood as a spacer, though this size of Ribba frame is really just a couple nails that the frame sits on, you don't have to get the spacing of the nails 100% right. Also, one of the frames fell off the wall during this (I probably shouldn't have been nailing while some were still hanging...), and the frame and glass broke. But I just repaired the frame with my staple gun and I will pick up a new one next time I am at Ikea.

Sure is a nice sight when I open my front door now! Feels a lot more like home :)


  1. This looks so pretty! I have to remember this Ribba frame trick - that's awesome!

  2. Love the map idea! I've been on the lookout for something in Ribba frames for an empty wall in the dining room... Hmmmm...

  3. Love the welcome hooks/sign! The map idea is brilliant. It's such a great way to incorporate your travels and it makes awesome wall art:)


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