Monday, February 16, 2015

Ice Ice Baby

This has been a record cold weekend. It got so cold on Sunday that it didn't matter if we were talking in Celsius or Fahrenheit. I basically didn't leave my condo for 48 hours because nothing was worth going out in that cold!! I even had ice form on the insides of my windows.

Anyway, today is a holiday in Ontario and Cam and I were planning on sleeping in and being lazy but we were woken up by a fire alarm at 5:30am!! It went until SIX THIRTY. And then we finally went back to sleep and it went off again at 7:00am. Very annoying (though, at least we didn't have to evacuate- they came on the intercom and told us all to standby). I distinctly remember checking the thermostat at 6:30am and it was normal and warm. However I woke up at 10:00am freezing....checked the thermostat and it was only 68 degrees! I am a mid 70s kinda girl!

Turns out a pipe burst down in the boiler room and my whole building has no heat (and apparently no hot water, but today isn't a shower day for me anyway). Latest update is that it may be back up this evening, but who knows. In the meantime, the condo dipped down to 61 and I plugged in the ol' space heater! I borrowed it from my dad years ago for some reason and kept forgetting to return it. Sure glad I still had it! As of writing this the condo is up to 62 degrees, but I am sitting in the direct line of fire so I am feeling toasty.

All I need now is a super long extension cord and some wheels and then I can just tie this baby to my leg and have it follow me anyway. The cold doesn't seem to bother Cam so I am just going to keep this by me at all times.


PS- I use Fahrenheit for indoor temperatures and Celsius for outdoor temperatures. Does anyone else do that?


  1. Brrrrr - bad weekend to have no heat! Fahrenheit all the way baby! Sheila

  2. It was so cold last weekend! We were in Toronto both Saturday and Sunday and just walking from our clinic across the road to the car I thought I was going to die. And our car really didn't want to start either! I'm glad you had the space heater to keep you from freezing.

    And I totally use Fahrenheit inside and Celsius out. It's how our thermostat is set up so we go with the flow.


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