Friday, February 20, 2015

Casey Gets Fit: 1 Year Later

Hello!! Welcome back to once-weekly-now-never fitness update! It is officially ONE full year since I got all serious about my fitness level. What a great year too- I lost 20 lbs, ran two 10Ks and a 15K, and started buying a bunch of smaller pants. It has been great! I don't have many body shots of me, but here is a shot of me on Christmas Day when my hair was being very cooperative.

Christmas 2014!

So where am I now? About 146 lbs! Which is only up 1 or 2 lbs from where I left off last fall. Pretty good considering I feel like I have done nothing but eat candy and carbs since the weather turned cold. I have no desire for vegetables when it is -40 out. And I am still TRYING to do some workouts, but it is really like a twice-weekly run on the treadmill. Lame.

I did accomplish my fastest 5K recently though!

Thankfully I have managed not to pile on the weight this winter and I am hoping now that spring is coming (it IS coming right?? They didn't cancel it this year??), I can get BACK into my healthy living and hopefully get down to 140 lbs. My girls and I are planning a trip to Vegas in the late spring/early summer so I need to get bikini ready by then.

I am also going to start blogging about my efforts again, because I think that really helps me stay on track. And once it hits 5 degrees I am going to start hitting the pavement again! I am secretly hoping to run a 1/2 marathon in the fall. Well, not so secretly since I just told you :). I just can't train for one on the boring treadmill so I can't wait for warmer temps.

But for now, I need to eat this cronut (donut/croissant). Diet doesn't start until Monday, right? ;)


  1. Good job keeping the weight off, especially over Christmas and during these frigid temperatures. I do nothing come winter, so I'm impressed that you are still getting 2 runs in a week. I just sit around watching tv. And I'm not even joking.

    1. My gym is in my building. if I had to go outside I would never go

  2. That is awesome work! I've been following blogilates calendars recently and I feel so much stronger. I recommend it!

    and how good does that cronut look? I bet it was divine.

  3. THAT looks SOOO yummy! I should have been blogging my fitness/weight loss. Down 11 pounds, losing Christmas, winter, "getting older" weight. Laura and I keep on each other. She's been losing baby weight. We RULE as a fitness/health team! You GO girl! xo Sheila


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