Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hanging Out

I finally did an update to the bedroom that I have been longing to do for YEARS now, but wasn't sure would fit in my old, tiny armoire- wooden hangers!

Nothing, in my humble opinion, says "I've got my sh*t together" like wooden hangers! I bought a whole bunch at Ikea for roughly $50, so it really wasn't a huge investment, but it makes my closets look so nice and put-together!

My bedroom has "his and hers" closets, which are small closets on either side of the bed. But since it is just me here, they are "mine and mine" closets :). I tend to use the one of the right more, so that has more everyday work and casual clothing. The left one is just dresses and storage.

You may have also noticed a little table on the right hand side- that is new too! $50 from Walmart.ca (though it is saying it is out of stock online)!

It is the perfect little table for this spot. Eventually I'd like to get a mirror in here so I can do my makeup in the bedroom (though the lighting is less than ideal so I would need to figure that out for dark, winter mornings). The table is also handy for storing my bed's throw pillows neatly underneath. I might end up painting the table down the line once I settle on a new dresser (right now they clash but oh well).


  1. I did the whole wood hangers switch years ago and I will never go back. I love the way all my clothes line up so nicely in my closet, and I find the wider wood hanger (vs the cheap plastic ones) is kinder to my clothes - less stretched out shoulders on shirts!

  2. I just put in a closet addition and a dresser in it.. changed my life. All my clothes are organized, it is amazing.


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