Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Greige Party!

I knew with this new condo I wanted to warm up the walls a bit and not go grey again this time. I am also not a beige paint person. But I wanted neutral...so enter greige- colours that are a mix of grey and beige. The perfect greige is super hard to find, however!! I went through chip after chip and finally settled on three finalists from CIL:

Barley Beige
Winter Bird

Then I got me some sample pots of these beauties and slapped up my options on two walls- the livingroom wall, which gets tons of light, and the hallway which gets none.

Barley Beige, Winter Bird, Stratosphere
Stratosphere, Winter Bird, Barley Beige

I totally thought Stratosphere was going to be the winner, but I HATED it on my wall. Way too pink!! And I thought Winter Bird was going to be awesome...but it just looked white! Enter the underdog- Barley Beige! I loved it on the wall! And I hope you agree because a gallon of it is sitting in my hallway (and yes, I know I need more than 1 gallon but this girl only has so many arms and no car).

I still need to pick colours for the den, bedroom, and bathroom, but yay to finally picking a colour for the main space! And since I don't actually have a lot of walls (lots of windows for the win!), I hopefully will be able to update you guys next week with lots of pretty pictures :). OOH and once I paint I can finally hang pictures!! YAY!


  1. Yay for picking a paint colour! I'm horrible at choosing colours and flip flop between decisions constantly. I think that you made a great choice with the Barley Beige, especially since I can't even see the Winter Bird on your walls. Can't wait to see the finished walls and then how you decorate with pictures and stuff. :D

  2. Barley Beige is my favourite CIL greige!! It looks great on your wall. Yay!


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