Friday, January 30, 2015

Den Den Deeeen

I have been loving my little den- it is such a fun little bonus space that I never thought I would be able to afford. And when I say little I mean is basically 6.5' by 6.5'. A tall man can barely lay down in it! Hence why I have no plans to make it a permanent spare can only hold A bed and nothing more. Plus I almost never have out of town guests and my condo building has guest rooms for rent anyway.

I think a better purpose for this room, for me, is storage and crafting! I would also like to build in a really stylish desk (and I eventually plan to finish the shelving and make it look built-in too. Right now I am thinking of something like this:

Super sexy, but the one issue is that the desk would only be 17.5" deep and way too skinny to use as a sewing station and crafting table. However my dad came up with the idea to attach a "desk extender" that folds up on the wall! So the room would function something like this when I need the desk-space, but nice and open for the rest of the time!

Imagine something like this:

So awesome!! A stylish frame when not in use, and additional desk space when I need it!

That is my current plan for the room and I am so excited to get it done! If only I could order perfectly sized pieces of wood online :). And then of course I would need to pick colours for this room. Ugh, Impossible. I alternate between bold black and white stripes, grey and coral, and light turquoise. But that is a problem for another day!


  1. Cool table idea (Reg!) Interesting colour choices Casey! Sheila

  2. What about wallpaper? Since the one wall is so small you could probably put a really amazing pattern there for not much $

    1. Yes I have totally thought of wallpaper! but i dont even know where to BEGIN with finding one I like and then installing it...might be a down the line kinda project


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