Thursday, January 15, 2015

Couch Conundrum

It has been 7 weeks since I moved in here and I STILL have not bought a couch. My indecision over the couch is driving me BANANAS. I just want a couch that I can stretch out on! However the "perfect" couch seems to be incredibly elusive.

I want
- light to medium grey
- modern lines
- chaise lounge that can switch sides
- comfy

It doesn't seem that impossible?? However point 3 is kind of the kicker here...but I really would like that flexibility so this couch can last me a long time. Reversible chaises are like the unicorn of the couch world. Le sigh.

Originally I fell in love with the Quinn sofa at West Elm.

I love everything about it, and the price is good...but it is not available in Canada!!! ARGH to West Elm and their limited stock up north!

I have also been considering the classic Ikea Karlstad in Isunda Grey.

The Karlstad with this cover is $1229, but I would also buy replacement legs from Uncle Bob's, which would run a few more dollars. I read that the Isunda Grey cover was being discontinued by Ikea (which is crazy, because it is the most decent cover they have), but I could also order a cover from Bemz. So total cost is probably $1300-$1500...depending on covers.

Pros for the Karlstad is the price, ability to buy new covers if I change my mind, and ability to wash covers.

Cons is that I am not sure about long-term quality and literally needing to take it apart to switch the chaise. From my experience Ikea never goes back together as securely as it originally did. Also, my friend pointed out that this couch sits kind of low? I need to check it out in person.

Lastly, I ended up at Design Republic, which does custom couches. I talked to the staff and there are three options there that can be done with a reversible chaise.



Out of the three, I really liked the Wyndham the most, even though I can't see what it will look like with the chaise. (PS- I think they might be discontinuing the Michelle? It is on great sale right now and was hard to find on their website).

Pros are that is comes in different lengths, number of cushions, leg type, and you can pick from TONS of fabrics. AND Design Republic can actually make me a third couch cushion so I can remove the chaise completely, if need be. Not really an option for the Karlstad.

Con is really just the price! This couch is $1780- $1980 (78" vs 87"). Plus $200 for them to make that spare cushion.

Thoughts?? I really like the Wyndham...but it is $1000 more and I am a Frugal McDougall. That money could go towards the armchairs I want. Plus I don't know this company too well...I know everything is custom and built in Toronto- but does the quality stand up over time?

And you may leave links for other couches you think I will like- but trust me when I say that I have scoped out every reversible chaise couch available in Canada on the net.


  1. We have a Karlstad sectional and love it! It does sit low, but not uncomfortably so. We've had it for 3 years and it survived a move just fine. It's very sturdy and seems like it will last a long time! It doesn't have any wobbles or anything, and the foam in the cushions still springs back. I like that you can change slipcovers too.

  2. Have you checked out Elte Market? Not sure if they would have what you want in stock?

  3. Michelle, I find Elte a little too expensive for me!

  4. We just bought the Friheten at Ikea for our basement and we LOVE it. My husband did not want me buying anything from Ikea, but he sits on it every night and the kids jump and nap on it. I have no regrets buying an Ikea sofa. AND, you can put the chaise on whichever side you like :-)

  5. Hey! I left a comment (and I think a link?) a few weeks ago when you first talked about getting a couch with a reversible chaise. We got a couch *just* like the one you're describing from the Bay and we LOVE it! Looking at your pictures, it seems as though you want something with higher legs, but if you like the look of this couch, you could always switch up the legs..? The quality is great and it's canadian made.
    It took a full 6-weeks for the couch to get made and delivered, so that kinda sucked. But! All the cushion and seat covers are removable and machine washable, which is awesome!

  6. Oh yes, I remember the couch you linked! It is not on sale anymore :(. But I found a really similar couch the other day that I think I am going to get


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