Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bedroom Stylin

A couple weeks ago I mentioned getting a cute little table from Walmart for my bedroom. Well, I finally got around to styling that baby up!

The pillows are the ones from my bed, but this is where they are 75% of the time because I am lazy at making my bed properly. The lamp is new from HomeSense- just $22! It is the perfect size for this little table. The rest of the stuff was things I already owned.

The cord situation is not pretty, but I am LOVING having this lamp because I hooked it up to the outlet that is powered by the room's light switch (which is inexplicably located in the bed nook, under another light switch that powers the actual lights in the room.). Anyway, point is that when you come into the room and hit the light switch light actually comes on!


1 comment:

  1. Nice! My bedroom didn't come with an overhead light - I guess it's an easy way for builders to cut costs. The plugs are connected to the light switch so my lamps come on when I switch it on :)


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