Monday, January 12, 2015

A Barley Beige Condo!

I painted my hallway and living room! Yay!! As you know, last week I settled on "Barley Beige" by CIL as my main condo space colour. I wanted something along the lines of a warm grey and it really fit the bill. I picked up a gallon last Monday and painted the hallway on Tuesday. I got another gallon later in the week and painted the rest of the space on Saturday, as I wanted to paint in natural light on those walls. Here are the final photos!

Front Hall
Front Hall Closet Wall
Kitchen/ Laundry Closet
Living Room/ Bedroom and Bathroom Corner

All in all, I only ended up using a gallon and a half of paint (two coats on each wall). There was a LOT of cutting in, but not actually a lot of walls to paint. Another big bonus to having tons of windows!

As for the colour, I love it in the front hall, which gets little natural light, but I find it to be really light in the main space. If you didn't see it next to white doors and trim you would think the walls were still white. I think I would have preferred something a little darker. That being said, the whole space looks a lot cleaner and nicer with this paint vs the cheap white that was thrown up everywhere before.

You may have also noticed I finally hung some art up! I am waiting to hang stuff over the couch so that it will be centered over whatever couch I end up purchasing. In the front hall I also hung my mirror and some hooks for winter garments by the door.

The flower art is actually covering the old intercom box from when my building had buzzers (now it is all through the concierge so this thing isn't even plugged in, but I don't know if I can remove it entirely). Therefore the mirror is a touch higher than I otherwise would have hung it, but I can still easily check my hair before going out now!

I also took the liberty of painting over some ugly features of my walls. Behind the couch was a yellowed phone/network jack that is now defunct from cabled internet so I painted it completely grey so it blends in. And I painted over my "shut up box", which is a button you can press to turn off the fire alarm in the unit. I had one of these in my old unit and they seem to only come in yellowish ugly tones?

And since I know people will ask- it doesn't permanently turn off the alarm, but turns it off temporarily. When the fire alarm goes off the concierge comes over the system and gives us instructions on whether to evacuate and a lot of the time it is a false alarm and we need to wait for the fire department to turn it off in the building- this button gives you some peace while waiting. And you can still hear the alarm in the hallway and then concierge can turn back on all our in-unit ones if need be. Anyway- now it is much less noticeable at least.

Now all I have left to paint is the bathroom, den, and bedroom- and I already have some plans formulating as to what colours I would like in those spaces. Nice to have at least one major thing done for now. And as for other major changes....there is a couple of boxes in the shot of the kitchen up above- which contain my new dishwasher and microwave that I bought during boxing week sales!! So exciting!!

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