Monday, December 15, 2014

New Furniture!

I know...I disappeared for a week. What ever bug I had basically ruined my week and then I was super busy at the end with our company Christmas dinner and catching up on some Christmas shopping. Anyway- I wanted to share the two new pieces of furniture I got last weekend for the condo!

As you may recall, I sold all my furniture with my old condo, and therefore this place was looking a little sad- my TV was sitting on a box of books, and my table was a warped, folding card table.

Even though I would really like to upgrade my borrowed loveseat to a couch, my first priority was actually getting my TV off the ground. Do you realize how expensive TV stands are? Holy moly I was blown away by the cost of every TV stand I liked. And so many lacked any sort of storage! Finally, after a week of scouring every retailer's website, I came across a really nice-looking "natural wood" TV stand with 3 drawers on the Home Depot's website. I really liked it so I ordered it and planned to return it in store if it didn't work in my space!

The next morning, however, I was browsing Walmart's website and found the EXACT same TV stand for $50 less and faster delivery!! I quickly cancelled my order with Home Depot, ordered it from Walmart, and it showed up at my door by the end of the week (they had to leave it at my door since the concierge said it was too big to be left downstairs with him).

Then I removed 10lbs of bubble wrap and popped it open (the box...and the bubble wrap). I was concerned about the wood of the TV stand going with the reddish tones of my condo flooring, but I found it to be super pale and neutral in shade so I was alright with it!

Then Cam came over and I put him and his car to work right away because I had ALSO found a table on Craigslist that I liked! So I made him drive me over to a condo in the west end where I picked up a table and two chairs for $125. The table ALMOST wouldn't fit in Cam's car (and I thought for sure I wasn't going to fit in either and would need to take the TTC home). But somehow we all made it home in one trip.

I had wanted a 42" diameter glass table and that is exactly what this table is! Such a find! The chairs are in OK condition, but I think I am going to look for a set of four upholstered chairs.

After we set the table back up (it came apart to fit in the car), I got to work assembling my new TV stand. This thing was a beast, with enough parts to put Ikea to shame, but I got it all together in the end! The drawers are a little smaller than I would have liked (it doesn't store nearly as much as my old TV stand), but I really like it!

Then, as you know, I got sick all week. I sure was glad I didn't put off putting the TV stand together! On Sunday, my mom and stepdad came by and dropped off my old childhood dresser. Hurray for no longer keeping my clothes in stacked boxes! This dresser isnt quite big enough for my needs (I think I need something with deeper drawers), and the colour isn't working in here, but for now it is awesome to have a place to put my clothes.

I still need quite a bit more furniture, but now I am feeling a little less like I am just temporarily living here. :). I have my eye on a couch I really like right now too...just need to convince the cheapskate in me that it will be worth the investment! Why did I have to go and have such expensive tastes?


  1. Loving the new furniture, especially the TV stand and how you decorated it. Such good taste! Sorry you were sick all last week though, it seems to be the time of the year for sickness.

  2. Love seeing you getting settled in. Glad you are feeling better. :) See you on Boxing Day! xo sheila


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