Monday, December 1, 2014

New Condo!

Hello! I am finally all moved into my new condo!! It ended up being a huggggge nightmare to move, but I think that is a story for another post, because today I want to share photos of my new space. I am so excited to finally be in here! I was going to take some nice "before" shots, but I was so busy with errands that I missed all the natural light, so an official tour will have to wait a week.

But let's begin!

The condo was super duper dirty when I bought it, but my parents and Cam helped out and scrubbed the place clean! I still need to wash the windows and floorboards and fun things like that...but I am so happy it is clean. Feels much more like home and just seems like everything is in much better shape.

I loooove my kitchen (even though my dishwasher is leaking...hahah). I am so not used to actually having to walk to places to get things while I am cooking, but those giant pot drawers make up for all faults in here ;). The oven was a nasty disaster....I don't think it had been cleaned since the condo was built over 10 years ago and there was still a sticker on the front! But I ran a self-clean cycling and got my scrubbing muscles out and now it is spotless and feels like new.

I've got a little card table set up right now (which is the only place I can keep my wig since the stand needs to clip onto something). My Mom and stepdad also lent me a loveseat, which is working out great until I can buy a new couch. My TV stand is...a box. Hopefully I will find something I like soon! My side tables are boxes and bins that have yet to be unpacked. I have no surfaces in the condo, except the kitchen counters, so decorative items and books are remaining packed. But I got my Christmas tree up on Saturday! Hopefully Santa gets my change of address forms!

I am loving having a real bedroom. My new bed is in and the queen size didn't seem that much bigger than my old bed, but it feels great when sleeping! Lots of room to spread out. Right now I just have the box spring on the floor. And my dresser is a bunch of moving boxes (I blacked out my underwear and bras because that seemed weird to post on the internets). My Mom has a dresser I can use so hopefully I'll get that in the next couple weeks. There was just no room in their car with the loveseat in there. The bedroom definitely needs a coat of paint. It looks nice in these photos, but its a dirty off-white in person. I'm thinking of painting the bed alcove something fun while I plan out what I want to do with the space long-term.

The bathroom was one of the grossest spots in the condo (except for maybe the furnace filter, which looked like it hadn't been changed in 10 years), but my wonderful mom spent 2 hours scrubbing it down and now it is looking great! My shower curtain looks great with the tiles too. There is no storage in here, so please excuse the mess. I need to get a medicine cabinet and maybe one day a larger vanity.

My den has become the catch-all space for junk right now. There is a lock on my locker door (whether from the previous owner or someone there illegally, who knows), so I need to wait for the management office to open so they can get someone to cut it off. A lot of this stuff will then be moving down there! The locker is a great size, so I am happy about that. My parking spot is really awesome too- lots of space around it to back in and out. I haven't decided if I am going to rent it out or not (they rent for about $150/month), but so far it has been really handy for Cam visiting.

I am really excited to start working on this condo. There are lots of little projects to do and a LOT of painting to start working on....hopefully by this time next year it will be looking a lot nicer and a lot more like home!


  1. Congrats! Looks like it has lots of potential! The worst thing in the world is moving but the silver lining is that you get to decorate a WHOLE new place. PS: Ikea has free shipping on $250 + today (monday) if you need anything!

  2. It looks so great, Casey! So much potential there!! And I love that you put up your Christmas tree! I can't wait to see all of the amazing things you're going to do here! :)

  3. I love the contrasting paint color for the bed nook - great idea!

  4. Yay for a new condo! Your moving post (which I just read by forgot to post on) sounds so stressful. But I'm glad you're settling in and I can't wait to see you add your touch to this place. Congrats on a new place!

  5. Oh my! Your new condo looks so fabulous, and I do agree with the first commenter that it has a lot of decor potential. I love the look of the living area, with its views and splendid floors. I hope you guys are settling in quite nicely. Thank you so much for sharing that tour!

    Naomi Walters @ Chicora


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