Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Condo: Week 3

Can you believe I moved three weeks ago? (though technically I didn't move IN to my new place until the next day). Crazy! I thought I would be posting all the time about painting and projects...but clearly I forgot about flu season and the craziness of the holidays. Oh well, 'tis life.

I thought I would share today all the things I am loving about my new place- because so far there are no regrets about making this big move!

1. The Neighbourhood
I now live in the entertainment district, which is only a 15 minute walk from my old condo. I didn't expect it to feel so much different- but it REALLY is! I am so much closer to shops and restaurants and I have been taking full advantage in this crazy busy month. I now can walk to HomeSense, the LCBO, Bulk Barn, Dollarama, and Winners (plus a lot of other places) in just 5 minutes. There are tons of great take-out places around here and I have already hit up the sushi place downstairs three times :).

I also am now a 10 minute walk to Union Station, which is so handy as I take the train out to Pickering at least twice a month to visit friends and family. And just a one minute walk away is one of my best friends!

2. The Commute
Speaking of the neighbourhood, my commute has changed a bit too (basically I take a different streetcar than I used to). I miss being able to jaywalk one lane of traffic to grab the streetcar, but I love how my new route transfers from streetcar to subway INDOORS. No more waiting in the flipping cold for a late streetcar on my way home! And my new route has the new streetcars, which are really nice, though my old route will eventually get them too.

3. The Space!
I still can't get over how big this condo is compared to my old condo.

I currently have no place to put away a lot of my stuff and I keep wondering WHERE I put all these things in the old condo?? But I have very little furniture still so hopefully I can improve on that soon. I am still getting used to sleeping in a bedroom, and in having a den! The den is definitely my "junk room" right now...which is very dangerous. I need to get some cupboards and shelves in there stat!

I did finally gain access to my locker, so I moved a lot of "locker stuff" down there and now the den junk is just stuff waiting for a home up in the condo (like books). The main space is less cluttered now! Oh- and my locker is slightly larger than my old one as well! So that is a nice bonus.

4. The Parking Spot
I never had a parking spot before, but I am really enjoying the convenience of it with Cam visiting me every weekend. I gave him my spare keys and fob so he can come and go as he pleases. It is also ridiculously spacious for a condo parking spot. I have never seen anything like it...You can actually fit a car in on either side. It is a bit of a hike (the spot is a couple buildings over), but I learned how to get to it through a series of doors that connect the parking garages so that is great during these cold months.

5. The Building
One of my biggest concerns with buying this condo was that the builder of this condo has a terrible reputation in Toronto. However, this building is pretty mature so I don't think anything crazy will pop up now. I also find the management and security here to be awesome. They are so friendly and helpful and concierge knows EVERYONE'S name and unit. In my old building I doubt the security guard even knew I was a resident, let alone my name.

I also really like the amenities here. I finally hit up the gym, which is much larger than my old gym. Cam has been enjoying the large lap pool when he visits (I haven't gone swimming yet). There are also free fitness classes, a spa, a theatre room for watching movies, and a lot of other stuff I haven't tried yet. Everyone I have met so far in this building has been super friendly so hopefully I meet some nice people too!

So there you go- 5 reasons I am loving my new place! I think back now to my old condo and I am shocked at how small it was and how not-as-awesome that neighbourhood was and I am so happy I moved here!!


  1. I think it's so awesome how much more you're enjoying your new condo!! Your condo and mine are almost the same size. We have a "den" too but it's not actually a den like yours... they just put a desk on one side of the living room in the floor plan with the word "den" lol ridiculous. The best thing about our move to this condo was having a powder room. We'd never lived in a place with two toilets before and it's so great! It came it super handy when I was hugely pregnant and had to pee every 5 minutes and I use it to put my makeup on in the mornings.

  2. Your new condo sounds amazing. I am sooo jealous of your area. That is what I miss the most about living at Yonge and Davisville - how walkable it was. Now in North York...not so much. There are a few things within walking distance, but absolutely nothing exciting.

    Housewarming party, you gotta have one!!


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