Monday, December 8, 2014

New Condo Home Tour!

I had plans this weekend. I was going to go to the paint store and get some samples (thank you for all your suggestions!), I was going to make a trip to Ikea to buy some stuff for the condo, I was going to CLEAN and finish unpacking. But a big ol germ bug decided my plans were not as important as his plans to make me sick all weekend. So here I am, home on a Monday with a bad cold, having spent most of my weekend in bed. I even ran a fever at one point. I am no good with colds.

Anywho, being home on Monday meant I could actually take some nice photos of my new space in the daylight. Though I didn't really clean because I am exhausted from fighting this cold...but hey- that is a "true" before photo- right? At least the lighting is good- I hate before photos where the lighting is totally different from the afters.

Let's begin!

Floor plan:

Ignore the furniture in this floor plan- it is representative of what I hope the "after" of this space to be! The condo is 733 sq ft and the balcony is 32 sq ft. My old condo was only 394 sq ft- so this place is nearly DOUBLE the space!

Front Entry/ Den

The front hall is a little hard to photograph, but there isn't much there right now anyway. However there is a lot of space to build in some storage, so that is my plan! I want to get some shoe storage and a couple stylish hooks for coats because the coat closet is a little far from the door. The den will eventually be storage and an office/sewing room, though right now it is still full of stuff destined for the locker. I don't have the energy right now to work on that.


The bathroom is a fairly standard size for a condo, but it can definitely be improved to allow for more storage. Condos don't often have linen closets, so once again I will need to find a place for towels in here! I also plan on one day putting in a larger vanity to help with the storage issue. For aesthetics, the room just needs a good paint job and for the grout in the shower to be redone (I am planning on using one of the grout pens to even out the colour)


I love love love having a bedroom!! The room is about 11x11ft, with each corner kind of cut out by closets, the HVAC system, and the door, but it still feels huge to me! I originally thought I would get rid of the small closets and build a single one, or use the den as a walk in, but they have really grown on me so I think they are staying. The dresser is on loan from my childhood bedroom but I don't think it'll work long-term for a variety of reasons. However, for now it is great to be able to put my clothes away.


I love the giant kitchen in this condo! It is 12 ft wide and the island is 6 ft long....soooo much room for cooking and baking! I keep forgetting I have all the space and that I don't need to do all my prep in a 1 ft space. My dishwasher is still broken, but I have ordered the part I think it needs and then I can toss that dish drying rack and get even more counter space back. The island has HUGE pot drawers, which is turning out to be one of my favourite features. The cabinets are a little worn, but still in decent shape, so my plans in here revolve around handles, appliances, faucet (remember how I won one from Delta at Blogpodium? So excited to finally order and get it installed!) and backsplash. The tiny little handles currently installed are the WORST. Impossible to open with wet hands and constantly surrounded by fingerprints from trying to grasp them...they will be going soon!

Living Room:

The living room is really nice and large and I have been slowly getting some furniture in here too (see the new table and TV stand??). The couch is a loveseat on loan from my mom while I search for a nice big one. I thought the TV and couch being angled away from each other would be an issue, but I have been finding it perfectly comfortable. You can see the doors to the bedroom and bathroom on the right of the bottom picture. It was really nice to have Cam be able to play his guitar and watch TV this weekend while I slept off my cold in the bedroom. That definitely wouldn't have been pleasant in the old condo when everything was in one room!

Overall I am loving my new condo and my new neighbourhood and feeling really good about making this leap. I really feel that this condo has so much style potential and that these before pictures will be a distant memory in just a few months!


  1. Wow - you get so much light - I'm jealous - my condo gets little or none ever. I'm also jealous of your huge amount of counter space :)

  2. It's a beautiful bright space! Have you thought about pulling the sofa away from the wall to be parallel to the TV stand? This photo gives a good example of how nice that could look:

    1. so funny- I have that photo pinned already! My living room isnt wide enough to move the couch like that- there wouldnt be room to move behind it so it would seem awkward


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