Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My New Man Otto

Hey look- I finally have a place to rest my feet!

Please ignore the couch. The couch is not my style at all...but for now it is a free, comfy place to watch TV on while I decide on my new couch, so I am not complaining! But yes...I got a new ottoman! I have been looking for one for awhile and I saw this beauty at HomeSense on the weekend and I carried it home. So handy living just down the street from a HomeSense.

I love the tufted top and the studded sides. There are many places in the condo I could use it, so I am not at all concerned if I end up not liking it next to my new couch (but I think I will).

I also like that the top is pretty level, which is uncommon with upholstered ottomans. This means I can rest my dinner plate on it, or use a tray for drinks!

But what I love the MOST is that it is also a storage ottoman. I can never seem to have enough storage so this is exactly what I need! Right now it is holding all my fabric and sewing supplies (and some knitting projects and a random bag of stuffing).

Now all I have left to do is buy a couch (and a million other things...I hope Santa brings me some cash).


  1. Damn! That is one sexy ottoman! Very rich colour, nice design, and amazing storage! Good pick! :)

    "So handy living just down the street from a HomeSense." ... "Handy".... more like: dangerous, deadly.... haha

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I like how you specify that the couch was not your style. I never would have guessed! ;)

    LOVE the ottoman! And that is one of my favourite things about my own ottoman, the top is level so I can use it to hold drinks and stuff. Very handy. Now I am wishing it had storage...


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