Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Ideas for the New Condo

I am hating this stage where I know there are soooo many projects for this condo and so many things to buy, but all I want to do in the evenings is sit in my PJs and eat Peppermint Bark Haagen Dazs (yes, that is a thing and it is as good as it sounds). It completely stresses me out because I am so used to living in a new and fully decorated home...but these things take time (and money!).

So far I have ordered a TV stand, which will hopefully come on Friday! I am not sure if it will go with my floors, so I will let you know how it looks on Monday. For couches I think I am settled on the idea of a sectional with a chaise, and I have fallen in love with the Quinn Sectional at West Elm, but their Canadian store rarely has furniture in stock so it may be a no-go. I like sectionals where the chaise can switch sides so I am keeping an eye out for other options.

I have decided the couch will go along the wall and face the windows. It just makes a lot more sense to have the city as the view when sitting on the couch, and not a wall. I didn't buy a condo with a wall of windows to turn my back on them!

As for a dining table, I am thinking of getting a small glass round table that can fit 4 chairs. I don't entertain people for dinner often, so I don't need anything crazy. I also made some adjustments to the living room plan...I'm thinking 2 armchairs?! I always wanted armchairs :). One would need to be a slipper chair, since Cam needs an armless chair for practicing guitar. And then I am going to try and sneak a bookcase like this one from Crate and Barrel onto one side of the couch.

Oh, and for the front hall I am planning on getting some shoe cabinets from Ikea (like two of these, but I will make a single top out of a plank of wood). And for the den I am currently thinking of storage/bookshelves along one wall and a fold down table with a comfy chair for the other wall.

For the bedroom I have been thinking of a storage bed for a little extra clothing space. I still need to get a dresser too! I am also toying with the idea of a slim console table with a mirror above it on one side  of the room to store the throw pillows under and provide a tiny spot for doing makeup and hair.

And besides all the fun furniture buying, I still need to paint the whole condo and upgrade some hardware in the kitchen. And fix my broken dishwasher. And price out new appliances. And find a money fairy.

Do you know any good light grey/beige "greige" colours? There are too many options out there and paint chips are taking over the condo!


  1. Funny you ask about light gray/beige/greige, cause our new countertops are exactly that. They are called silver travertine:
    I love the colour. Our new floors are a natural beige stone and they work together really well. I don't know where you would find a swatch of that, but hope that's helpful!

    LOVE the layout! Looks like it will work perfectly!

  2. I like your ideas :)

    For your den you could combine your storage with the desk with one of those Kallax shelves with the desk combos

    1. Yes, but I need a table that folds up as the room is pretty small and I need it to multi-function

  3. Hey Casey! I've been following along and keep wanting to comment, but the baby is keeping me busy! We just bought a sectional for our condo that has a moveable chaise section.

    Here's the link to it:

    It's on sale right now for 50%! They actually messed up the price in the store we went to so we got for $200 cheaper (score!). The style of the one you put in your post is definitely more mid-century mod with the legs and has narrower arms. The one we got has a longer chaise and it comes in several colours - I'm not sure sure why they don't list them all online. The colour we got is really close to the colour of the one you posted. Good luck with all your furniture shopping!

  4. oh, and "Double Click, Right" by Para Paints. It's a great greige colour, but it's more mid-toned than light.

  5. My mom's friend who is a stage recommended Benjamin Moore Classic Gray and Edgecomb gray to me as failsafe Greige colours. I tried both and really liked Classic Gray, but in the end decided I wanted more of a white / cream so went with BM Swiss Coffee. I like the new layout a lot, I agree, make the most of those windows!


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