Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 In Review

2014 was probably one of my best years ever and I am just so excited to see what 2015 brings...but it probably will not top this year. Since this blog is my little online diary of all things Casey, I wanted to recap all the amazingness that was this past year!

1. Travel
I was sooo fortunate to travel a lot this year! In January I visited Washington DC. In February I flew down to Ft Myers Beach, Florida to visit my parents. In March I was off to Los Cabos, Mexico. In June I snuck down to Niagara Falls for a girls weekend. At the end of July I was off to Montreal and my friend's cottage in Quebec for a week. And then, of course, at the end of August I flew off for an amazing 10 days in Iceland (PS- don't tell my work, but I am quite confident I went well over my allotted vacation days this year!).

I have no trips planned for 2015, but then again...I didn't have much planned for 2014 either! Hopefully come good opportunities present themselves soon :)

2. New Wig
Despite blowing all of my money on trips this year (#yolo), I also bit the bullet and invested in an amazing new wig. I have had it for a few months now and I still love it was much as the day I got it!

3. Sold My Old Condo!

2014 was the year I said goodbye to my little home of 5 years and moved on to a new place. The condo sold in only a few days, leading to a lot of stress and excitement with finding a new place! I still think back fondly on this condo, but I 100% feel I made the right move.

4. Bought a New Condo!
Of course, going along with selling my old place was buying my new place! I agonized between two condos on the market, and ended up choosing this spacious place and haggling a good deal on the price (IMO). I am still getting used to the higher monthly costs, but otherwise I have no regrets on this place. I am loving the challenge of decorating a new place...even if I feel like I am moving at a snail's pace.

5. Lost 20 lbs
I can't forget all my weight loss efforts this year. I actually DID it, and lost 20 lbs! I took me about 8 months, but I am soooo proud to have finally accomplished that long standing New Year's resolution. I am happy to report that my weight is still under 145 and my NEW New Year's resolution is just to keep it there! I also ran a 10K, a 15K, and the Terry Fox 10K this year- getting amazing times in all of them! Not to mention I kicked butt at 6 weeks of Boot Camp in the summer. I am definitely in better shape this year!

6. Welcomed a New Nephew
Last Christmas I found out I was going to be an auntie for the 2nd time, and while I was in Iceland the little man made his grand debut (he was supposed to wait until I was back, but apparently got impatient). He is such a little cutie pie and my niece adores him.

Speaking of my niece, she went through a phase this year where she was ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED OF ME. But now we are best friends and I love when she is excited to see me and asks me to play with her. Even though she totally doesn't let me play with any of her cool toys.

7. Mom Beat Cancer
In other exciting family news- in 2014 my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, went through surgery, chemo, and radiation, and is now officially cancer free! It was a tough summer for her going through all that, but we are all so thankful to be at the end of this now. Her hair is growing back and she is doing great!

8. I Fell in Love
I try not to get too mushy and into my private life on here, but I can't end this list without mentioning Cam. We started dating at the end of 2013, but weren't "serious" until 2014, which is why he made this list. He is an awesome guy and we are having so much fun together! It has been amazing having him at my side all year and we are looking forward to spending 2015 together as well!


  1. Looks like you had an amazing year! Hope 2015 is just as good to you.

  2. Awww, this post made me smile. So glad you had a great 2014 and cheers to an amazing 2015!


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