Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Condo Sneak Peek!

All the conditions of the sale have gone through so now my "new" condo is officially off the market and I can share it with you guys! I had made an offer close to a month ago, but there were some hiccups with the status certificates and some other issued (I will do a later post on this), but the sellers made some concessions and we are all good in the hood! Just have to wait for closing in a little under 3 weeks and I will be moved into my new place :)

I thought today I would share some photos and a rough floor plan because I have been super excited to share my new place! Did I mention this new condo is almost TWICE as big as my current place and not only has a bedroom, but a small den? And that the kitchen has a 6ft island? And that it is full of windows and light? I am super excited!


I whipped this up from memory and from pictures so it is probably incorrect in a few spots, but it gives the general idea of layout for you. I am quite sure there is something off with the entrance/den/bathroom area, but I am not sure what. The only things I have measured is the den (which is roughly square and 50 sq ft), and the gap between the closets in the bedroom, which I believe was 67 inches. Oh, and that island, which I am SUPER excited to roll out some cookies on!

I am a little confused with the bedroom because it doesn't have an angled wall on the inside, but it is definitely angled in the living room. Perhaps the bedroom is actually on an angle? I think living room furnishing will be a challenge because of the triangular shape of the room- but I also think that is one of the reasons this condo sat on the market so long. They didn't stage it at all so buyers were unsure how to work with it. I have lots of ideas and I have seen lots of different options from the comparables that had furniture in their listing photos.

And now for a couple terrible iphone shots!

Den (I had my realtor stand in for scale)

Living Room (you can see where the angled wall is on the right, and the corner of the kitchen island in the lower left)
Kitchen/Dining Space (that pole is the same one on the left in the above living room photo)
Incredibly blurry bedroom
I have no photo of the bathroom, but it is a pretty standard small condo bathroom.

I have so many plans for this place! Besides the floor (which I'm not a huge fan of, but they are new), nothing else in the condo has been updated since it was built. The appliances are kind of old, the lighting is ugly, there is random carpet around the base of the columns in the living room (I shall allow you to scroll back up to that photos and laugh). These issues, mixed with the lack of any staging, the lower floor, and incorrect pricing meant the owners struggled to sell this place. I think it had been on the market for almost 2 years. Hence why I was able to scoop it up for a great price! A lot of comparable units have been updated and I think I can do a LOT with this place.

Current Plans
- add attractive storage near front door for shoes (I am thinking of hemnes shoe storage)
- add built in storage and maybe a desk to den
- focal point of wall behind bed, add a shelf for storage
- new stainless steal appliances in kitchen (the cabinets are in good shape and the countertops are granite. Even though they aren't my first choice for colours, from an investment standpoint I will probably leave them). I have seen comparables and stainless is the way to go with these cabinets
- backsplash in kitchen
- change out vertical blinds for white roller blinds. Maybe add in some sheer drapes to soften the room
- might move TV to the wall (right now wired to be by the window), and add in an electric fireplace.
- add flooring to balcony. I might actually have enough leftover from when I did the balcony in my current place!
- paint, paint paint. I don't think the cheap builder's paint has ever been painted over. I might go grey or taupe. Need to work with those reddish floors. For the bedroom I might go a different colour- maybe a soft pink. For the den I am thinking a bold wallpaper someday
- update lighting throughout condo
- buy lots of furniture! I want to get a queen size bed, a nice dining table and a big sofa. Definitely going to get some rugs too

Obviously I am going to start slow as I just dropped a lot of moola to buy this place and furniture itself is going to eat up a lot of my savings. But for now I am just super excited to just get in there!


  1. Congrats again! It looks awesome! I know you will make it look beauty.
    And if you are looking for someone to give you a hand with that backsplash, let me know... (not that I will be of much help, but that is Evan's forte)

  2. Woo hoo! I'm excited for you! once you figure out what furniture you want start stalking Craigslist and Kijiji - eventually what you're looking for will come up :) Also, i can't believe there are vertical blinds there - Yikes!
    PS - how did you do the floorplans?

    1. I used floorplanner.com. You get one free floor plan with their site.

  3. LOVE IT! Oh I'm so excited for you! And excited to come visit your new place. :) I can't wait to see what you do with it and all how you decorate it. Keep us posted!

  4. Love it! You are going to do amazing things in this condo, I just know it. Your plans sound fabulous and I especially love the potential soft pink walls in the bedroom!!!

  5. Wow! Congratulations! Love all the funky angles and those beautiful windows!


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