Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Floor Planning in the New Condo

On Saturday I had my walk-through of the new condo (I am entitled to two chances to visit the condo before moving in so that I can take measurements and double check that there are no outstanding issues). I brought my parents along so they could see it too!

Firstly, lemme say, the condo is SO DIRTY. I swear every time I am in there I find some new disgusting thing that makes me consider a hazmat suit on move-in day. It was previously a rental and then sat empty for a year or two so it had just not been kept up. But it is their lost and my gain because all that crud scared off other potential buyers! I just have a lot of deep cleaning to do before I unpack.

Oh, I also bought a bed this weekend! Nothing too exciting, but it is a pillowtop queen (I am currently on a double) and I am super excited for it. I was ready to take a nap on it in the store. It gets delivered the day after I move in so I only have one night roughing it on an air mattress.

I have a few more photos for you:
Bedroom (the gap fits a queen)
Bathroom (sadly, this light fixture is the nicest one in the condo...and you are looking at ALL the storage this bathroom has to offer)
Balcony and filthy door

World's tiniest washer/dryer


Other side of living room (that's an 11ft wall), and parents/realtor admiring world's smallest washer/dryer

Living room (with dad model)
Living room (with world's filthiest air intake vent)

I have lots of plans circulating in my brain for the various rooms (I have ROOMS!), but today I am showing off a little room planning I did for the living room (I used floorplanner.com for this). You can see in the photos above the awkwardness of the space. That column is smack dab in the best place to place a couch! I am also planning on a table by the kitchen, since there is a nice spot to hang a light (already one there), so I gotta work on the other side of that column. I tweaked the floor plan based on a few measurements I took while I was there. I didn't bother measuring every inch, but this is closer to the truth.

Here are some options for a chaise lounge type couch:

And here are the couch + arm chair options:

So looking at these, there are a couple I can scratch off right now. I hate how the living space is really blocked off visually in 4, 7 & 8 and waste the use of the ONLY wall in this space, so I think putting the TV on that bottom window wall is a huge no-go. I also think 3 just looks silly and is fighting the space, so angling the furniture is a better idea. I think with 6 the chair is a little lonesome and pointless (can't even see the TV), so I think we can eliminate that.

Therefore if I go with a couch, 5 is the best option. If I go chaise, I can put it against the window or the wall. If the TV is on the window, then the couch will face the view instead of a wall. If the TV is on the wall, I can put a fireplace under it and that would be nice. There might be glare issues with the TV across from windows so I would need to keep the blinds closed when watching. Though, I don't think the condo ever gets direct sun.

As for couch and chair vs chaise lounge, I LOVE the look of an armchair, but there is no denying that a sectional would be comfier to cuddle up on with some popcorn! So many decisions, but don't worry- I am having tons of fun planning this! Chime in if you have any ideas I haven't considered!


  1. Have you considered possibly a fire place in one place and a tv in the other. In number 4 it looks as though you can move the couch around easily. You can have the fireplace on the wall and the tv by the windows. If you get a corner couch consider one that comes easily apart so that you can just sit on the chase part

    If you didn't want to do something like that I would say number 2 if my fav layout.

    Can't wait to see what you do with this place!!

    1. I dont know if that would work? Might be cramped but I see what you are saying. The other issue is the HVAC is in that part of the wall

  2. What about 5, but with the chair on the other side of the couch, between the pillar and the balcony door? Having the chair that close to the table seems like it might be a little crowded in person. You could mount the TV on an articulating wall mount (that can be pushed flat when not in use) to solve the TV angle issue. Fireplace could still go under the tv.

    If the dimensions work out, you could also potentially do the modified 5 layout, but with a left chaise (right-arm sofa, left-arm chaise) style sectional instead of a couch.

    Also, I think 3M makes a glare-reducing window film (that doesn't tint the windows) that could be a good option either in place of or in addition to blinds, so you don't have to close them every time the tv is on.

    Regardless of what you choose, I know your new place is going to look great!

    1. I was thinking of a wall mount i could angle when watching TV. Id have to tape out the chair there...when I was doing the floor plan it felt like the living room was too far to that end.

      I did not know about that 3M product tho, so that is a great option!

  3. I promise I have an even tinier washer/dryer - it's one unit and it basically washes socks. Can't wait to see it when you're "done" :)


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