Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Christmas Tree Theme Ideas

It is minus 1 billion degrees outside, so I thought I would take us back on a trip down memory lane to late when I went to the Rona preview of their Christmas lines! Ok, still on the winter theme, but at least this will conjure up memories of hot chocolate and snow gently falling instead of the freezing wind gusts and shoveling. :)

A lot of people struggle with coming up with a "theme" for their first Christmas tree. You know, in the years when you are just getting your feet as an adult and you don't have 1000 family ornaments or you are simply on a budget looking to fill up a tree. I thought these collections from Rona would really help so I want to share them!

First there is the Wood Lodge Collection...imagine pine cones, woodland creatures, twigs, birch, and lots of natural colours!

However, if you consider yourself a sleek and modern kinda decorator, then the Winter Wonderland Collection is up your alley- black, silver, gold, glass, and all the bling a tree can hold without Yukon Cornelius showing up.

But honestly- this last collection won me over and is the reason I wanted to share the Rona lines today...The Vintage Collection! A few years ago I got this idea in my head that I wanted a "peacock tree" full of bright jewel tones, sparkle, and intricate designs but had SUCH a hard time finding these decorations in a sea of gold and red. This collection clearly scooped my style! But that is OK, because this means you can easily create a colourful tree youself! I love the really retro looking ones too...remind me of the ones I had growing up before the tree-falling-over-and-smashing-all-the-ornaments incident of my youth.

I won't be able to put up my tree until AFTER the big move next week, which is killing me because I am totally a "decorate ridiculously early" kind of girl, but I am making up for that by helping my dad decorate his trees this week! Maybe I can convince him to switch up the theme on our formal tree? :)

PS- Rona did not in any way compensate me to write this post or even ASK me to write this post. I just was really excited about their vintage decorations and wanted to share them and their other lines!

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  1. I just caught up on a whole whack of your blog posts. Ah, so much change! Your condo sold, a new place... so exciting!

    (Also, I love the last two trees. I've never managed to have such a beautifully put together tree. Maybe one day! They're both gorgeous.)


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