Monday, November 3, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 36

Weight: 144.8 (20.2lbs down)

Yay to being under 145! Though, I think I only weighed in that low because I was getting my drink on Saturday night and that tends to dehydrate me. I wish I had a lot to report on, fitness wise, but I am definitely in a bit of a rut. I am eating probably around 1800 calories a day (sometimes more, like when you are at a party with a dip contest) and I am only working out about twice a week right now. But I am also weighing myself every few days so I can catch any weight gain before it gets out of control. And so far I have been hanging pretty steady for the past few weeks so I am glad to see that I am not THAT bad at doing a maintenance diet, even though it feels like a ton of food after so many weeks of being so careful.

I am also still learning my weaknesses. When I was calorie counting I always had a small dessert in the evening, whether it was a fudsicle or a couple cookies. Now that I am NOT calorie counting I find I am reaching for these "treats" way more than once an evening. I think I need to get back to the gym because sitting in the condo, next to the fridge, is dangerous. However, I do miss the evening sun because I really hate running in the dark. Therefore I am back to the treadmill, which is le boring.

I am kind of excited for my new place because there is so much room in the living room to work out at home! I am also constantly reminding myself that I won't be a magical new Casey just because I am in a new condo. Just like how you aren't going to be able to magically master a diet just because it is Monday. Therefore I am not "waiting" to be in my new place to keep trying to get fit! I turn over a new leaf every day!

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