Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Plants Update!

I brought in my plants from the balcony a couple weeks ago as I was worried we were going to get a frost. Some of the them died this summer, but overall they are doing well! I brought up my turquoise cart from the locker (I had moved it down there while doing showings of the condo), and it is now my new plant stand! Hopefully they don't mind being inside if they get some sunshine :)

I am happy about how big they are! The yellow pot is my pink flowery plant that I got in the spring. It bloomed all summer with little care, but now I think it is done for the season. I never thought I would see the african violets bloom again, but they literally blossomed this year! And my spotted plant from the spring died, but somehow a seed of it sprouted and planted itself next to the african violet, and it's baby is seemingly happy. I think I overwatered the big one.

On the bottom shelf is my new little succulent that was a gift for visiting the Princess Margaret Lotto Penthouse. The instructions said it needed lots of light so I gave it it's own little shelf so it wouldn't get dwarfed. It is so tiny and cute!

My tree plant thing is still going strong and is back in it's place at the end of the bed. It didn't enjoy being indoors last winter, but the new condo has tons of windows so hopefully it does better indoors this year!

I am excited to get some nice big indoor plants in the new condo! This place doesn't have enough windows for plants, but the new place should be perfect for some greenery.

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