Monday, October 6, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 32

Weight: 146 (19 lbs down)

I am not sure what to write about this week. I am ecstatic that I somehow lost 1.5lbs this week (actually, earlier in the week I weighed in at 145 somehow!), but I can't say that I did anything to deserve losing it. I ate lots and only made it out for a couple runs this week. I think sometimes weight loss is a mystery, but I will take it over mysterious weight gain any day!

I actually think I was stressed about the sale of the condo and I know that stress causes me to lose weight. However things are going along swimmingly so far with that and hopefully all the conditions of the sale will be settled in the upcoming week and then I can start hunting for my new condo!!! (of course, I have been glued to MLS for weeks, but now I can for reals look.

But back to food. I have basically stopped tracking calories at this point, which is bad and good. It is bad because I am definitely eating more than I think I should some days and I don't want to start gaining weight. On the other hand, I think I have learned a lot about portion control and I eat a lot of the same meals as I did when I WAS tracking calories so even on the odd day when I go back and add everything up it still is a pretty good number. I think I am just eating out a bit too much and those are the meals that will ruin all my hard work.

I also think I need to do a post on clothing because lordy I didn't think enough about that. All my skinny jeans are looking like elephant skin on me right now!! Even my newer clothes are looking a little loose and I think I need to see a tailor. Oh and the other day I bought a shirt that had an "S" on the tag...ya. Not sure when I qualified as a small??

Lastly, I am down almost 20 pounds, which is amaaaaazing. But everything still feels soft and squishy. I think I need to start weight training. Maybe go back to boot camp? UGH. That was hard and I am the queen of lazy. But I definitely need to supplement my running with some weights if I hope to tone up in time for bikini season next year!


  1. Boot camp was super hard, but you rocked it!! I was the one complaining the whole time!

  2. Well - your blog IS called "Casey gets fit".....LOL xo Sheila


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