Monday, September 22, 2014

Freedom Wig Review!

I have been sharing my wig process with you guys, and I am so excited to say that my Freedom Wig finally came in while I was in Iceland! I hadn't done a post yet, because I was trying to finalize the haircut and I think it is 95% of the way there, but I can't wait any longer! I am in LOVE with my new hair and I just want to share it with the world!!

Getting this wig was a very involved process, so I thought I would share the questions I  had when I first started looking into getting a Freedom Wig.

What is Different About Freedom Wigs?
Traditional wigs secure by an elastic at the back and are made of a light netted material that the hairs are tied to. Freedom Wigs are molded to your head and the cap is made of silicone with the hairs fused into it. This means the wig suctions to your head and stays secure, even if you are waterskiing, cartwheeling, or even just simply putting up your hair in a pony tail (which is not possible with traditional wigs).

Is a Freedom Wig for Me?
Freedom wigs work by suctioning onto your head, so you need to be 100% bald. Therefore this is not the right product for more milder cases of Alopecia, unless you are willing to keep your head shaven. It also probably isn't a good option for cancer patients because of that issue- not to mention it takes about 4 months from first fitting to getting your wig, so you need to already be bald when you order it, or willing to shave your head.

Where Can I Get One?
Freedom Wigs are made by a New Zealand company and are sold through reps in Canada. The rep for Toronto is Jennifer at Image Evolution. Jennifer works out of Winnipeg, but she comes to Toronto about every 6 weeks or so to meet with clients. I actually haven't seen her since my first fitting, but we have emailed back and forth many times since then and she is extremely helpful.

How Long Is The Process?
I started talking to Jennifer in April and was measured and placed my order at the end of the month. My wig took about 4 months from that point to being finished and in my hands! The first step is getting properly fitted, since they are custom made to the contours of your head. After that they send you a plastic mold to try on and make sure the fit is good. They also send you a hair sample of the hair they will be using you can assess the length, colour, and curl.

How Much Customization Can I Do?
They are incredibly customizable compared to traditional wigs- I was able to "develop" a colour by combining different hair samples. I picked a light wave for the hair, and the length of mine is 10" (I actually think it came out a bit longer!). You can also pick the angle at which the hair connects to the cap, the thickness of the hair, where your part is, what kind of bang you want, etc. The hair is also real human hair so you can change up the colour or get highlights later on if you want to.

Are Freedom Wigs Hot? Comfortable?
I think all wigs can get warm, as it is kind of like wearing a hat, and thankfully I am often cold so I do not mind wearing my wig. That being said, yes I do find this one a bit warm at first, but you get used to it. I have not worn it for exercise or on an extremely hot day, but the one plus is that you can go into a private space, pop it off and wipe off any sweat, and then pop it back on and feel fresh! With a traditional wig that sweat gets trapped in the wig and hair. Not to mention you can pull it up into a pony tail to get the hair off your neck on a hot day!

However I do find the wig quite comfortable. It takes a bit of practice to get it on just right, but I am definitely getting better at it! Once it is suctioned on properly it does not shift around and I really forget about it. Only issue is that if you get an itch you need to pop the whole thing off to satisfy it! (The wig isn't itchy at all, but itches happen)

Does It Look Natural?
When you go to get your Freedom Wig cut, they will cut in lots of "baby hairs" so your hair looks natural when pulled back. Also note that the nape of this wig is higher than a regular wig, so my stylist cut in some longer hairs in the back. I love the baby hairs she cut in the front, but I might get some of the longer ones in the back thinned out. It will never look 100% natural in a pony tail, but I would say that most people can't tell unless they are staring at the back of your head for a long time.

How Do I Get It Cut?
Your Freedom Rep will recommend a hair stylist in your area who knows how to cut wigs. I ended up seeing a stylist named Seven at Seven Hair Salon, who actually used to work at my old wig salon (they only cut their own wigs- hence why I didn't go there), and she had cut some of my old wigs so I was very comfortable having her do my hair. She had a great haircut option for wigs where you pay one flat price but can come back many times for adjustments to the cut. With wigs you can't really grow out a bad hair cut so slow and steady is the best way to go!

How Long Do They Last?
My wig should last about 3-5 years with proper care. That means not touching it often (to minimize breakage of the hair), avoiding excessive heat and using a proper thermal-protection serum before using hairdryers, curlers, and straighteners, washing the cap out every night, and getting the colour redone every year or so. That being said, when your wig starts to show signs of wear and tear, you can actually send it in to be repaired and rebuilt, which costs a fraction of the cost of a brand new wig.

Speaking of Cost, How Much Does a Freedom Wig Cost?
I don't think it would be fair to answer this here, as it really depends on the choices you make for your hair (longer is more expensive), and it probably depends on your rep. I will however say that a Freedom Wig is pretty expensive and was not a decision I made lightly. You can also look into help from your insurance to see if it can be partially covered. Also in Canada, you can look into claiming the wig as a medical expensive on your taxes. Please call your local rep for a quote, they are very open with price ranges once they can narrow down what you are looking for.

I am really really happy with this purchase. There is a lot of spontaneity that you lose when wearing a wig, because you can't "do" an activity because of your hairpiece. I am super excited to go out an enjoy some of those things! Next month my friends and I are going to ride a mechanical bull, which is certainly not something you can do with a traditional wig :)

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Please note that Freedom Wigs and Image Evolution did not in any way compensate me for this wig or ask for a review. I just really want to share my thoughts on this amazing hairpiece!


  1. Wow, it looks so good. You look especially gorgeous in the second photo/look!

  2. I second the thoughts above! You look stunning in that second picture! The wig looks great!!

  3. You look awesome love, though you always have. :P But can't wait for bull riding! Gonna be fun, I am so happy you can now rock the pony tail. If only we have a pony you could ride while rocking said pony tail. Inception Hair.

  4. It looks SO great! I'm glad you love it!

  5. This is awesome. You look amazing!! Congrats on the new 'do.

  6. Love it! You look great and I love the hair colour and cut choice. Not to mention, you rocked the selfies. :D

  7. You look so cute with the ponytail!!

  8. I agree with Abigail and others - stunning Casey!

  9. You look beautiful! You give us women with alopecia hope for feeling confident again.

    May I ask if Jennifer took long to respond? I'm from Toronto area and I sent an inquiry a while ago through the website but she hasn't responded.

    Thanks! :)

    1. No, she didnt so maybe she didnt get your email? Send me an email at caseyinto @ and Ill send you her contact info.

    2. Thanks! I sent you an email :)

  10. hi,
    have you any updates on how you are getting on with your freedom wig. I'm thinking of investing in one. thank you

    1. Hi! I still love it! I will try and do a review of it

  11. This whole process is a joke. I have been lied to from the start. I would not recommend anyone doing this unless you have at least a year to expect to get your hairpiece. Trust me it WILL take that long.

    1. Hi, you didnt leave an email so I cant reply. who is your rep? I waited 4 months for my first wig! Not a year! Im waiting for my second now (it's been 6 months), but I expect it soon. Im not a rep myself, just a customer


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