Friday, August 15, 2014

Getting Buffed

When my mom found out she was going to be going through chemo and losing all her hair, a friend of my aunt, who has just gone through chemo herself, generously jumped in to give her a spare wig and some other baldy-things. One of the items she lent her was this thing called a Buff. It is kind of like a big tube of fabric that can be styled in many different ways as headgear. Although they are designed for use by haired people, the buff is actually quite an awesome option for bald people too! My mom liked wearing one so much that she decided not to wear a wig and to just wear her Buffs all the time.

Fun fact about going bald- you get cold a lot. I am always wandering around in my hooded bathrobe at home and I often wear a toque indoors in the winter months. Keeping my head warm AND stylish? I'm intrigued.

So, after trying hers on, I decided to get some as well! (PS- I really think that if I found the right material these would be a super easy DIY). I ended up ordering a plain blue one for everyday use, a high-UV one for wearing to the beach, and a cool-dry one for working out in. Each Buff was roughly $21-$27, so not cheap, but they will hopefully last a long time. They came in the mail just after I headed off to the cottage, but I had borrowed one from my mom that week and wore it daily! Now that I am home I am happy to have my own to play with.

Buffs cans be worn in a multitude of ways and are pretty fun to play with. The US website has a bunch of styles and tutorials online, but figuring them out for myself is more fun! And naturally that means it is FASHION SHOOT TIME!!

The Lazy Man
The Tucked Under
The Cap
The Low Twist (my fav- it's a variation on The Pirate where I tuck the tail in)
The Do-Rag
The Top Knot
The Headband

And did you know Buffs aren't solely headgear? Because there is also...

The Scarf
The Baby It's Cold Outside
The "I'm Gonna Rob This Bank and Look Fabulous Doing So"

I should let you know that I already worked out in my cool-dry one and it felt amazing. There was much less sweat dripping down my face than usual and it was completely comfortable the whole time! I definitely am going to put a couple more of those ones on my Christmas list this year. I am also excited to hit up the beach in my high UV one because I am always so cautious about keeping my scalp burn-free (you only make that mistake ONCE). Each of my Buffs is made with a different material but they are all super stretchy and soft so they are very comfortable to wear all day. I am totally a convert!

Please note that Buffs did not sponsor this post in any way. I just really like sharing new products I come across, especially those relevant to the Alopecia community!


  1. Okay, the look on your face in the The Baby It's Cold Outside pic is absolutely amazing.

    P.S. We use buffs for snowboarding & riding the motorcycle as well. You can pull them up over your face like a cowboy bandana to keep wind off your face and neck. They're great! Our group also has matching ones which we wear at the cottage. That and batman masks. & duck face

    1. I have a tough time staying serious when I am photographing myself. and now I also want a batman mask

  2. Is it weird that your 'Baby it's cold outside' pic reminds me of Kenny on Southpark? ;)


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