Monday, August 11, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 24

Weight: 148.4 (16.6 lbs lost)

Um....what the what on that weight loss? I lost 3.2 pounds in a week?!?!

I really think this is one of those fluke fluctuation things because while my eating was fine this week, I certainly didn't do anything to warrant that kind of weight loss. My actual fear right now is that it is muscle loss because I didn't work out this week. Can you lose muscle weight that fast? I have no idea. I should probably do some measurements too see where my inches are, but I was too lazy/ in a rush Sunday morning.

Anyway I didn't work out this week because I injured my leg running my 15km at the cottage last week! All those hills and the gravel road screwed up the shin muscles on my right leg. It actually really hurt to go up and down stairs earlier in the week and I definitely had a sexy limp going on.

But I have been working hard with stretching, icing, wearing supportive shoes, and giving it a rest this week (hence the no working out- so many exercising need use of legs, even if just for stability). My 15km is NEXT WEEKEND! I need two fully functioning legs to run that. Thankfully my leg is feeling much better and I will do a couple short runs this week to make up for my lost week of working out. A week off from running was really hard- especially on the weekend when my leg felt 90%. But if I don't let it fully heal then I am much more likely to reinjure it and I don't want that!

I am super excited for my race and glad my leg is feeling better!! I am running the 15km version of A Midsummers Night's Run. The race starts at 6:00pm, rather than the usual early morning run, so I am expecting it to be hot hot hot. Especially if next weekend is as nice as this weekend was! My goal for the race is to finish in sub 1:35. When I ran 15km last weekend I did it in 1:37:48, but that was super hilly so I am hoping to go a bit faster on this route. Plus just being in a race makes me push a little harder too!

Anywho next Monday I will have recap of my race! Wish me luck!


  1. Ahh, you're in the 140s! Congrats buddy!
    I love all the cat gifs in this post :)

  2. Thanks very much, l really enjoy a lot your gifs.
    Regars from Colombia, and please continue with your job, a great job.

  3. Wow, go you on that weight loss! And I don't think you can lose muscle weight that fast, so I vote for just a random fluctuation. Or maybe you'll stay down in the 140's. :D

    I'm sorry you injured your leg last week, especially so close to your race. But I'm glad you rested it up and will take it easy this week. Good luck!

    1. I weighed in this morning to be sure and it was 150.4, which seems more correct! So it was either a fluctuation or I undid some weight loss on Sunday (I WAS at taste of the danforth! greek food and gelato demanded I eat it!)

  4. Keep the cat gifs coming!! I'm inspired to work out more now :)


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