Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 23

Weight: 151.6 lbs (13.6 lbs lost overall)
BMI: 23.8

Halloo! I am back from a week of rest and relaxation (and eating) at the cottage! And shockingly, I only gained about half a pound. Miracles do happen, people. I will have a post later this week about all the vacation funness, but today I am tuning in for my weekly fitness report.

Yes, it is true that I snuck in the odd treat while on vacation. And by that I mean I ate whatever I pleased. But I did work hard on portion control and making sure I ate lots of fruits and veggies too! So while I certainly ate junk, I didn't eat junk to an excess.

Did you know marshmallows are only 20 calories each? I feel like people need to know that. And the fact that it takes 5 minutes to perfectly brown one means you slow down eating them. Unless you like your marshmallows raw too and don't mind shoving your face full...not that I would do that...

However I am not here to talk about what I ate, because y'all know about the awesomeness of constantly BBQing and eating yummy food. I am going to talk about running! Because I RAN CONSISTENTLY while on vacation. Excuse me while I bow.

The cottage is on the side of a small lake, and there is a gravel/dirt road around it that is a 3.4km circle and mostly shaded, so I did my runs around the lake. The only downside is that it is SO hilly so it is harder and I run slower. Brutal on the calves so I definitely didn't run every day either (even though the weather was so nice in the mornings and I really wanted to)

Tuesday I did 2 laps of the lake, or 6.8km. Wednesday I went out with my friends Jeni and Brandon and we did 1 lap and then jumped into the lake without changing (btw- best way to cool down I think). Friday I did 6.8km again, and then Sunday I did 15km!!! And now my calves are not happy with me so I am taking a few rest days. My 15km race is in only 10 days so I need happy legs! But I was really happy with that run :)

Now to work on eating healthy again because I am off on vacation again soon (how did that happen??))

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  1. Good for you. I ALWAYS say I'm going to exercise while on vacation and NEVER do. We'll see if Nicole and I can break that trend when we are in Mexico in a couple of weeks (the trip she won). Apparently the resort is massive, so maybe we can power walk at least once each day. I'll report in Casey! Looking forward to hearing about your vacation fun! xo Sheila


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