Friday, July 11, 2014

New Plates!

I have discussed many times on here that I have a recent obsession with buying pretty bowls. What I don't think I have mentioned is that I keep finding pretty bowls to buy when I am in fact looking for pretty plates.

Back up to January 2009 for a minute. I was moving into an apartment with my friend Ginny and we needed basically everything for a kitchen. We hit up a Kitchen Stuff Plus Outlet and bought a whole whack of things, including a set of white dishes with black roses on them. I think we got the whole set for $60 (big plates, side plates, pasta bowls, teacups, and saucers). I have had those plates ever since.

They were okay, but quite a few had chips and the flower was fading and honestly I got bored of them. Hence why I have been slowly transitioning out of them with new bowls and plates! I thought it would be fun to have non-matching plates for once and I have really enjoyed hunting down new pieces. Kind of sad that I am almost done (you're next, pasta bowls!).

I am almost done with my great plate hunt because on Thursday I hit up HomeSense and scored me some new plates! I had often been looking for colourful, patterned plates like my bowls, but realized that a plainer white plate would probably be better suited to making my food look good and coordinating with my older dishes. Except I can't resist a little pattern, so I was happy to find these large white plates with a subtle silver flower design on them for $5 each! Plus they are bone china (which I just googled and found out is actually made of bones. Just lovely...).

But then, as I was about to leave feeling victorious in my plate-finding abilities, I stumbled across these beautiful aqua salad plates. I love salad plates because they are somewhere between a large dinner plate and a side plate and usually all the plate I need for 80% of my meals. For some reason this size (8"-9") is hard to track down. I loved these plates and they remind me simultaneously of the beach, geodes, and all things pretty. They all seem slightly different from each other too, which is fun. $15 for 4!!

They look great layered together too, if I ever got around to hosting a fancy dinner party with layered plates. See what I mean about how white plates can be a good idea? They go with everything!

So now I have completed my plate collection as I have 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates, and 4 side plates (and about a million bowls). I can't wait to eat off these puppies! Somehow I feel like will make my food taste better.


  1. I love the subtle flowers on the new ones. I also went crazy at the KSP outlet when I moved out because I needed EVERYTHING.

  2. I love the aqua salad plates. They look fantastic all stacked together!

  3. Nice! Love them! And Grandma will be able to eat off the aqua ones (find her food!) Time to have her over! LOL xo Sheila

  4. I think I need to invest in salad plates - my dinner plates are white and rather big, so whenever I eat off them a normal serving looks lost so I usually add a bit more which is not so great for my waistline :(


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