Friday, July 25, 2014

Five Things Friday

I thought I would have an amazing recipe to share today, but it is taking eons longer to prepare than I thought (there was an unnoticed refrigeration stage) so I thought I would share 5 random things on this glorious Friday. TGIF anyone??

1. I am off work next week! Going to be hitting up my mom's house for a pool party Saturday, then Cam and I are driving to Montreal and staying over there Sunday night, and then I am off to my friend's cottage for a week of nothing but beer and relaxation. I hope not to gain any weight by keeping up my running while I am there, but we shall see. I am excited for the fresh air! and maybe the beer too :)

2. I've been fixing up my TV table for the past week or so. It looks great, but I am waiting for it to cure and for better light to photograph it so you might have to wait another week or two to see! In the meantime, I have had the TV disconnected. However, last night I got bored so I set it up on the couch and plugged it in to watch a movie! Built-in DVD player for the win.

3. My 15km race is in only 3 weeks! Eep- how did that happen so fast? My training has been going great though. Getting out there at least 3 times a week, generally one tempo run for 5km or so, one 6-8km run, and one long run on the weekend. Last weekend I hit 13.8km and this weekend I plan to do 14km. I am going to keep it up while at the cottage and hopefully complete a full 15km on the long weekend. Then I will taper it down until my race! I have really been enjoying my runs though, and I am starting to wonder if next year a half marathon might be in the bag? HMM

10K race this past May
4. Omg I cannot WAIT for my new wig to get here. I am already checking the mail every day in the hopes that maybe it will come 1-2 months early. A girl can dream, right? Literally, I have dreams about it. In the meantime, my mom introduced me to this headcover product called Buffs (for haired people too!). I ordered a plain one, a high UV one (for zee beach), and a quick-dry, cooling one for running in! I am so excited. Usually I just wear a bandanna when I don't have my wig on, but these are uber stylish! It is too bad they won't arrive in time for the cottage, but I will definitely get use out of them- check out all the ways you can wear one:

5. I don't usually get into the personal lives of my friends and family on this blog much, but I just had to share this photo! My mom is going through chemotherapy for breast cancer this summer (don't worry- she is doing fantastic and the chemo is more of a "make sure we get it all" kind of deal). My stepdad uploaded this photo to Facebook and oh my gosh- it is like looking 30 years into the future. People always have said we look alike, but with my hair loss it has been less noticeable- up until now!

Her and I are planning a fun photoshoot to commemorate being bald buddies this summer. I will share the photos later this summer!

Well, that is all the updates I have for now! I will have a couple posts up next week, but expect some silence from me this week. Internetting constantly is a total cottage faux pas.


  1. I'm so jealous of your cottage adventure, have an awesome time!

    And glad your mom is doing well in her treatment! My mom was in a similar boat last year (radiation though, not chemo). Sucks. She's good as gold now though.

  2. You and your mommers are beautiful.

    Have fun at the cottage! And MONTREAL!!! I am going there in September and I haven't been since high school so if you have any recommendations on things to do with a bunch of crazy girls please let me know!

    1. Alas- I am only there for one night so no shenanigans will be partaken in!

  3. Glad your mom is doing well! Sending good vibes her way. *hugs*

    I can't believe you are only discovering Buffs now! I used them the entire time we lived together. Crazy!!! You can buy them in most outdoorsy stores. They also come in warm types (read: merino wool). So comfy and versatile though. :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing the results of your mom/Casey photoshoot! :)


    1. we placed our order online because it had a great selection and see shipping, but I did see that lots of stores carried them!!

  4. I literally thought that was you in the photo. See! I told you that you are beautiful twinsies.

  5. Looking forward to seeing you matching head tatoos! xo Sheila


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