Monday, July 28, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 22

Weight: 151 lbs (14 lbs lost overall)
BMI: 23.6

Arg, I so badly want to get into the 140s, but I really am trying not to make excuses on here, because I know the only reason I am still in the 150s is me cheating. My "diet" plan is a certain number of calories per day. Some days I go over those calories. And then when Sunday rolls around and I see the scale hasn't changed...well I know exactly who to point my finger at.

Eating well is hard. I think it starts from a young age when we are conditioned to eat our emotions. How often do you give a cookie to cheer a kid up? I am pretty lucky that I actually lose my appetite when I am stressed or upset (and also super lucky that I rarely AM stressed or upset), but I am a total boredom-eater. I am working on it.

How often do we tell ourselves the following:
- I deserve this
- I need a treat
- I earned this

etc, etc...

I am trying to break that habit. I can totally have junk food- but I want to break the cycle of feeling that I in some way "deserve" a cookie. No. I just want a cookie because cookies are delicious. Sometimes I find myself grabbing for a coke zero and stopping myself and realizing I don't even want a coke zero. I just want something because I am bored and coke zero is a treat and therefore it will make me less bored. And yes, I know coke zero is calorie free, but it still isn't good for me. And it makes me crave cookies.

I also struggle with eating out. Eating out to me is a celebration! You can't celebrate with healthy food! You need french fries! I am pretty good with avoiding alcohol and high calorie drinks when I eat out, but I still find myself making bad choices for my food when picking off a menu.

So yes- two things I need to work on:
1. Eating/drinking what I actually need and want vs what I have ingrained myself to crave in moments of boredom
2. Making better choices at restaurants.

I am not sure what my weight will be coming back from a week of vacation, but those two resolves are definitely going to be tested when I am relaxing all day. I do plan on running still while I am gone, so that will help!

View of Toronto from my run on Saturday morning

Do you have triggers for bad food choices too?

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  1. When I am depressed or stressed, I tend not to eat much. But when I am just feeling sorry for myself, I want to eat all the junk food. Chips, cookies and chocolate are my weak points. Especially chips. It's so hard to break the habit, although I have been trying. As in, since Saturday. :P

    Good luck with working on your two goals, you can totally do it!


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