Monday, July 21, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 21

Weight: 151.2 lbs (13.8 lbs lost overall)
BMI: 23.6

Oh hello, Mr. Plateau. It seems we meet again! Though, I am not surprised to be here as I ate out THREE times this week, and one of those times was Mandarin followed by ice cream cake #worthit. Eating out is the worst possible thing to do when trying to lose weight because everything is higher calories than you would eat at home. Even salad is cray-cray at a restaurant.

However, my workouts were pretty good this week so the "fit" part of my plan is going along swimmingly. Tuesday I went to free yoga in my building, Thursday I ran a bit with the "Blogger Joggers" group (though I am considering switching the name to "Bloggers drinking Lagers", because we seem to do more of that than jogging)! Friday I ran a fast 5km (27 minutes y'all!). Saturday I did an hour of strength work in the gym to make sure I keep my muscles from boot camp and Sunday I ran 13.8km!

Fun fact about my long run on Sunday, I actually managed to run from my condo to the bridge over the Humber River. That has been a goal of mine for SO long and even though I was only supposed to run 13km, I realized I was close to the bridge and kept going! I felt so awesome hitting that goal!

It was a foggy morning, but that's the city skyline
I think the biggest hurdle to overcome in running is the idea that you can't take walking breaks. My legs were sore from my workout on Saturday so I did "run 4 minutes/walk 1 minute" for this whole run. I felt pretty good the whole time! No shame in taking my time when my goal for the day is purely distance.

I have been thinking lately that I am doing this fit-blogging thing all wrong in that I haven't been taking progress pics. But I am just so lazy, people!! I never even took a "before" picture. I somehow found myself alone in the gym on Saturday (I love that), so I took some embarrassing selfies so I could show you guys how my body is looking after 5 months of hard work! I haven't lost much weight recently, but I am definitely starting to get comments on how much thinner I am looking :).

For the record, I'm 5'7

And since I don't really have a "before" picture (I am usually behind the camera), here is a shot of me running the Terry Fox Run in 2013, when I was probably about 165lbs.

Today's Get Pumped Track: Meghan Trainor- All About that Bass

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  1. Whooeee - you are looking HOT girl! xo Sheila


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