Monday, July 7, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 19

Current Weight: 150.0 lbs (15 lbs lost overall!!!!)
BMI: 23.5 I am not exactly sure what happened here but the scale said I weighed 150 on the dot Sunday morning- which means I hit 15 pounds lost since Feb!! I am fairly certain it will bounce up a little next week because I have a hard time believing it after almost 5 months of grueling slow weight loss. Like my body woke up this week and was like "oh, you want to lose weight? I just thought you were taking a break from french fries! Sure we can lose some weight!"

Anyway, another reason I think it is a tad lower than usual is that I was sick with a migraine Saturday night and threw up and was generally no fun. So I think Sunday morning I was probably dehydrated and malnourished or something. I plan to make up for that :)

The reason for the migraine is, of course, too much fun on Saturday! I met up with a friend and a couple of people she knew for lunch at a Mexican Restaurant (El Catrin) in the Distillery District. It was also a big Cuban festival down there this weekend with lots of Cuban food and Cuba libres :) It was so much fun! We had sangria and mojitos with freshly made guacamole at the restaurant, then wandered around drinking some yummy drinks and delicious Cuban sandwiches.

After too much sun and drinks, I headed home for a nap and ended up sleeping for 2 hours which is NEVER a good idea. Woke up groggy and headed out to watch one of Cam's friends, who had a gig at a local bar. I tried to eat some dinner, but I just started feeling worse and worse and eventually we headed home where I proceeded to be sick, stuff myself with drugs, and go to bed at 8pm. Sigh! 

Anyways, on Sunday I woke up feeling great so I went for a 11km run!! My 15 km race is coming up in just 6 or so weeks so my goal right now is to add 1km onto my Sunday long run every week. Let me tell ya, that last km was TOUGH. These legs need a lot more training before I am ready for that race!

Sunday afternoon was a pool party and pizza at my Mom's house! I had full plans to enjoy that pizza seeing as how I threw up all my cheat food on Saturday and I ran a bajillion kilometres on Sunday morning, and while I didn't gorge on pizza, I sure did get my fill of nachos and cheese as an appetizer! Dieting is all about moderation ;) (ps- I feel I need to add in here that you should never ever ever throw up food unless you are legit sick. I really don't want anyone thinking I did that on purpose).

I am so happy to be at 15 pounds down and I am so grateful to February Casey for finally getting her butt in gear and actually sticking with a diet! After nearly 5 months it has become so routine to me to stick to my calorie and workout goals (with the odd cheat meal) and I know that I will continue to slowly burn off a few more pounds. 145 is my goal and I hope to hit that by the end of summer and then I will need to reevaluate my plan and how I want to go forward from there! 

So far this diet has been all about moderation, but that feels good because I am not missing out on delicious things and my weight is slowly coming down. 15 lbs lost is pretty amazing to me! I don't think I would have gotten this far with just salads and chicken!

Liz Lemon gets it


  1. Congrats! That's awesome.

    I was at the distillery on Friday, I was reminded I'm not a huge rum fan :) I have to get to El Catrin soon!

  2. Congrats Casey - i'm glad all your hard work is paying off!

    I love the dress you're wearing in the second pic - trés cute!


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