Thursday, June 26, 2014

Would You Like a Sample of Hair?

No? Doesn't sound good? Well I was excited to get one this week! The sample of hair for my new custom wig came in the mail this week! I had a general idea of what it would look like because I tried on this exact colouring at my fitting. I think it is 30% auburn and 70% medium brown or something like that.

The sample is also sent to me so I can check out the level of curl (I ordered a light, natural wave I think) and I believe this is also the length that the hair will be. It might not look that long, but keep in mind this is the length attached to the top AND nape of the wig cap- the wig is made with layers because long hair is rare and expensive. My understanding is that this wig will be a few inches longer than my current one.

I actually find it is very similar to my current wig colour! Check out the photo below- the sample is on top

It is a tiny bit darker and less red, though my current wig was actually MUCH darker and less red when I bought it, but 3 years of washing and sun exposure lightened it up.

So what do you think? Does it suit me? :)

I am so excited to get my new wig (should get it late August/early Sept)! The sample feels sooo healthy and soft. The wig I have now is virgin European hair and was once super soft too, but because I can't really get regular trims and it doesn't grow and get natural oils, etc...well it just looks like damaged hair now.

Also- it should be noted that the only appropriate time for duckface is when you need to hold up your new fake mustache. #fact


  1. The colour looks great on your head and on your duck face! :)

  2. I like the colour. You might want to order the 'stash too. You do know that if the wind changes.......


  3. That is an appropriate moment for a duckface, I agree.
    Love the colour! I bet you are just dying to see it when it's done!!!

  4. Looks great! Gee - same colour as someone else we know....your MOM! xo Sheila

  5. That duckface is one of the various reasons I read your blog diligently. So funny and refreshingly honest.

  6. Love it! And I'm so excited for you to get your wig! I think you will look smashing. :D

    Love the duckface and stache, you look awesome, as always.


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