Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Freedom Wig Mold!

On Monday I came home to a note in my mailbox saying I had a package at the concierge desk. I was very confused over what was in this small box, and chiding myself for my excessive internet purchasing, when suddenly it dawned on me what it was- the mold for my new wig!!

As you may remember, last month I got fitted for a new custom wig. The next step after my fitting was to send me a plastic mold of my head to make sure it fits properly. My new wig will stay on with suction, so it needs to fit perfectly. Hence they send the plastic mold to make sure they have the fit right (Don't worry- the actual wig won't be plastic inside). I wasn't expecting it for another month so it was a total surprise!

The blue line is my part and the star is the crown of my head. The wig manufacturers put extra hair around that area. They will also direct the hair away from the line so it flows naturally off the head (you could actually pick the angle at which they attach the hair). I chose a side part :). It is in the same spot as my current wig.

Before you mention it, yes, I do have a fabulously shaped head. I actually get compliments on it.

I tried on the cap and it seems to fit fairly well. It suctions on really well, but one ear flap won't stay down (you can kind of see in the above photo) and there seems to be a bubble up by the crown of my head and at the back. However, the Freedom Wig people are awesome and you have a personal rep who helps you through the process, so I sent her some photos and asked for some advice. Some bubbling is normal, so I want an opinion on mine because this is my first time wearing a clear plastic headpiece. haha. But they can make adjustments- that is the whole point of this fitting.

The next step after this is I mail the mold back with any changes that I need- and then they send my wig! Well, technically they send it in 9-12 weeks (from New Zealand, so maybe longer?). At some point during the next month I should receive a hair sample of my actual wig too so I can approve the colour, and you know I will share that with you guys too.

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  1. Looking good! I'm pretty impressed with this fancy new wig you're getting. I'm glad the fitting went well and I'm looking forward to seeing the hair colour!


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