Monday, June 30, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 18

Current Weight: 152.2 lbs (12.8 lbs lost overall)
BMI: 23.8

Well, last week I was complaining about a spike in my weight and this week I found that I am down almost 3 lbs!! I was definitely retaining some water or something. Yay! And as for the comments- yes I DO have a measuring tape and I do take measurements sometimes, but I often just forget or don't have time. Since February my bust has gone down 2.5", my natural waist 2.5", my widest part of my waist 3" and my hips about 1"! 

This week I was pretty good with exercise and eating- trying to get rid of that 155 on the scale. I had boot camp on Monday, then I worked out on Wednesday at the gym because boot camp was cancelled, and on Thursday I rode my bike home from work. Friday I was prepared to ride my bike to and from work and then get in a few good runs this weekend (I was given Monday off so it's a 4 day weekend for me!), but I woke up with a COLD on Friday morning! Right before a beautiful long weekend! I am working hard to beat it down with all my home remedies, but I am just drained of energy. I did go for a nice long walk Friday after work, though!

Thankfully, I do not have a stomach flu or there would be more swearing in this post

On Saturday Cam and I went up to Wasaga Beach for the day! The traffic was horrendous getting there, but we had a nice afternoon of a long walk down the beach and relaxing in the sun. I got in the water a couple of times, but it was coooold. Then I started to get a pretty bad earache from my head cold so I napped away most of the evening. Fun date I am :)

The biggest bummer from getting sick, however, is that I finally bit the bullet this week and bought some new running shoes and they came the day I started sniffling! My old ones were definitely not doing a good job anymore. I have no idea how many kilometers I ran in them, but they don't feel as supportive, and not to mention they are filthy from all the boot camps we've had on rainy days.

Hopefully I feel a bit better soon so I can take my new runners out for a test jog. I ended up buying the exact same shoe (Asics GT-2000), but my new ones are pink and orange. For some reason these darn shoes are always so expensive ($160!), but they are supposedly the best for weak arches and overpronation and I'd rather spend a little extra on shoes so I can run without pain!


  1. Congrats on the 3 pounds! Hope you feel better soon! Asics are the BEST. Those ones, and that price range, are the ONLY ones Austin and I can wear with our various foot issues - AND are the only ones recommended by our Sports Physiotherapist. They have moved Austin OUT of orthotics, and prevented me from going into Orthotics. $200 for shoes is less than $600 for Orthotics. Note - with the amount of miles you are putting on your shoes, they actually DO need to be replaced about every 6 months. I wear mine almost all the time - even at work - plus walk for an hour 2-3 times per week. Mine lasted almost a year. You are much harder on yours. YOU GO GIRL! xo Sheila

    1. Ya, dad mentioned I walk like mom, so maybe messed up feet run in the Staig blood!

  2. You should rename this series "Casey is way fit" because you are a machine!


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