Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 17

Current Weight: 155 lbs (10 lbs lost overall)
BMI: 24.3

Umm....what the heck is that 2lbs weight GAIN doing there? I certainly hope it is just a fluctuation! I didn't get to weigh myself on Sunday morning, as I was in Niagara Falls, so I weighed myself on Monday. I know I did indulge on the weekend, but certainly not to any sort of extreme!

It is also a little depressing to be 4 months in and really not see the scale shift as much as I'd like. I've been eating around 1400-1600 calories per day (usually on the lower end), and working out 3-4 days per week between boot camp and running, so it is kind of frustrating that my body has quite happily settled into the mid 150s.

However, I will say that all the shopping in Niagara Falls last weekend was encouraging and worth all the work, though! I was often picking up size 10 pants and medium shirts (I was a size 12 to 14, and a solid size large before). Heck, in one store I even gave a size 8 skirt a go- it was too small, but it actually did up, which would have been unheard of 4 months ago. Plus I was really fitting well into the clothing and looking good! I am so excited to bust out all my new clothes and show off my tinier figure! My old work pants were definitely feeling looser and not as flattering as my new stuff.

I kind of wish I had been seeing a proper trainer so I could have more stats to mark my progress- like body fat content. Maybe I am not losing weight because I have been replacing fat with muscle. I really have no way of measuring that so I can't be sure. However, at the end of the day, I have been doing this whole journey by myself and for free. The only thing I have paid for was boot camp and that was only $29. I think it is pretty empowering to know that I CAN do this weight loss thing on my own and that the only thing holding me back before was a ton of excuses. I might end up looking into a personal trainer in the fall when the nice weather ends, but for now it is an expense I don't need. I also think it is more important to focus on my eating habits now, because paying for a trainer would be useless if I can't get that under control.

Overall my eating has been okay. I think I snack too much, because according to my My Fitness Pal app I eat about 900-1100 calories in meals and about 300-500 cals a day in snacks! I love snacking, but that is adding up so I am going to try and eat better meals and limit my snack intake. Or try and switch more of my snacks to veggies and fruits vs sugary foods. I also need to cut back on the Coke Zeros again because my consumption of those has skyrocketed again (and diet pop makes me snacky and I think makes my weight wildly fluctuate).

I knew I would find it harder to stick to my daily calorie limit in the summer, what with all the inviting patios and pitchers of beer around, so I think I need to be more conscious about what I am consuming and cut back- but not eliminate- my patio sessions. I am much more in control of my eating when I am the one preparing my foods and drinks.

So there I am this week- 2 lbs up, but a pants size down. I am still feeling good about my progress and I am going to work hard this week so that hopefully next week I can show you guys some better scale numbers!


  1. Of course you can MEASURE - at least starting now. Buy a measuring tape at the Dollar Store. You are doing AMAZING and obviously loosing tons of inches - and those don't show up on the scale. AND - you will plateau once in a while while your body readjusts (and fights back on the weight loss - because - genetically, we are ALL STAIGS!) - but then the scale will move again (down!) Keep going girl! Whoop Whoop!!! xo Sheila

    1. I do have a measuring tape! I just always forget to measure myself when I get up!

    2. I was going to suggest the same thing! A measuring tape is a great way to keep track of the changes that aren't represented on the scale :)

  2. I would be so proud to be in smaller sizes, sometimes I regret buying a scale because it can be frustrating.

  3. Great work Casey! I think the diet pop also makes you retain water. If you have been drinking more of it lately that could be your increase there. If you cut that out and try some lemon juice/water instead you might find a few pounds quickly flushed away so to speak. ;) xoxo

    1. I am drinking a coke zero as I type this. I have no will power!


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