Monday, June 16, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 16

Current Weight: 153.0 (down 12 lbs overall)
BMI: 24.0

My weight was all over the place this week- I think at one point the scale read 155.8?! But then on Sunday morning it told me 153 and I always try and stick to my Sunday weight so that's what I am reporting! Hurrah!

I want to talk today about boot camp. 

Because I kind of love boot camp. I haven't missed a class yet- even though some days I really, really, really don't want to go (I am a lazy girl at heart). However, I am not lying when I say it is great. I go every Monday and Wednesday for a 1 hour workout and they really push you, but I rarely feel like I can't complete the given exercise. Plus the class is all different levels of fitness. Some times I am dead last in a routine and some times I finish first. But no matter how the class went, I always leave feeling like I got a good work out. 

I am often so sore the day after the class- I am finding out about muscles I never even knew I had! And all because some tiny fit girl tells me to crabwalk up a steep hill and I listen. I even pay her to boss me around like that. It is a strange world we live in.

I like that my class has a good vibe- we have an "all in this together" kind of Disney movie vibe and it makes it fun. We groan and moan together about how tired we are- but we also push each other to finish. There are roughly 20 people each day, which varies, but there are a lot of familiar faces and we chat before class about what muscles seem to be broken in us. Good times.

The only downside to this is that I am SORE Monday-Friday, which means I am only running on the weekends, and I have my 15Km run coming up in just 2 months! So I won't be signing up for another round of bootcamp when this is over because I really need to get in more running time during the week or I am going to die on that run :)

For the record, I am going to the UrbanCore outdoor boot camp in Christie Pits Park. I paid $29 for 6 weeks through a livingsocial deal (which seems to never stop being offered online!)

PS- The Blogger Joggers are meeting up this Thursday at Mount Pleasant Cemetery for another run! If you want to join us, just send me a note!


  1. Ah poo. I was hoping you were going to say the bootcamp was somewhere in the downtown core. It sounds pretty awesome and that's a great price!

    1. Christie and Bloor is not exactly a big hike from downtown!!


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