Friday, May 30, 2014

The Uniqueness of Small Spaces

I have been blogging about small space living for a few years and trying to give you guys tips about living large while living small. Though, through the years of trying to plan and design my own space, I have learned that it is almost impossible to find small spaces that look alike!

If you have a bedroom, you can research bedroom designs because 95% of the time the room is a basic square. But if you live in a studio apartment, there is only one room and there is so little out there because our homes are often strange shapes and full of unique challenges! I find I can get inspiration on colours and textures, but nothing really else!

Apartment Therapy is running their Small Coolest Homes Contest right now and I LOVE looking at the entries, but it really shows me how different the teeny-tiny condos are. I mean, check out these floor plans for homes around the same size as mine:

Nicole's Back Bay Studio
Ben's Philadelphia Pad
Amy's Light an Airy Apartment
Brittany's NYC Sanctuary
Anna's Serene Studio

See what I mean? 400 square feet is not a very good description of how much space a unit really has! Some of these people have actual bedrooms. Despite my lack of bedrooms though, I do like how I can have a couch across from a TV. That seems rare :)

I only have a rough floor plan of my condo (it is hard to properly measure and all my walls are crazy), but it seems a lot of studios are more square than mine- even the long ones are wider than my narrow little home!

I was asked this week if I was going to enter the Apartment Therapy contest (in case you were wondering), and the answer is probably not. One reason being simply that I would be in the international category, which doesn't divide by home size. But the bigger reason is that people on that site can be harsh on entries and while I love my condo, I don't think it would win. Some of those homes are super cool!!


  1. You're so right, a small space can be completely different depending on the layout. My unit is very boxy (probably why I call it my shoebox), which I like, I find it utilizes the space well but when I was looking I saw other units the same size but with completely wasted space, layout is key.

  2. I was hoping you would enter! Mine just got featured, and I'm prepared for the bad/harsh comments. I don't care, though. I love my pad! I hope you enter next year, Casey.


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