Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Spring Plants in the Condo!

On Saturday I finally gave up on waiting for nice weather and I went out to buy some plants for the condo. Basically almost all the plants from last year had died and needed replacing. Even the tree-thing is starting to look very bad! I can't wait to get it outside for some fresh air but I feel it is still much too cool.

I only went to Canadian Tire, which had a limited selection, but I was already in the mall and there aren't many plant places in downtown Toronto! I will probably pick up a couple more things as the season goes on, but for now it is really nice to have some fresh greenery around- Or should I say pinkery?

I got a pink flowery plant (campanula) for the yellow planter. For the black planter I replaced the succulents with this little Polka Dot plant. They are supposed to grow like impatiens so I am hoping within a couple months it will fill that pot up!

As for the succulents, two seemed beyond saving, but I kept this little green one in the hopes that it will bounce back. I popped it into it's own little planter  with some new soil and food spike and gave it the prime spot by the window.

Eventually all of these plants will live outside, but the tags said they preferred warmer temperatures so for now they will brighten my condo!

The two new plants cost me about $13 total, and I bought the soil, plant food spikes, and gardening gloves together for only $5 at the dollar store! I refuse to pay a lot of money for DIRT. I am not entering any gardening contest. Dollar store dirt is good enough for me! Plus they sell it in small bags so I don't need to store the leftovers. So all in all this little update cost me under $20.


  1. I love those planters, particularly the black one - where is that from?

    1. It's from Ikea, the Bigarra plant pot

  2. I didn't know the dollar store sold soil!! I always end up getting the huge bags and only use 3 cups of soil and the rest sits around for months... until I throw it away :(


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