Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Small Updates in the Condo

You know what is fun? When it is a nice day out and you are too lazy to take photos of stuff, and then the next day rains and you need to take outdoor photos so the balcony looks like cray. Because that was me this week :).

I moved all my plants (and a table I forgot about) out to the balcony this week, just in time to enjoy the summer weather that has been rolling in!

You can't really see it, but it is filthy out there. There is mud all over, which makes very little sense to me. Because I am many floors up.

My polka dot plant is still living indoors. Every time I take it outside it pretends to die, because apparently it is a sissy plant and can't take the heat (even though all internets says it likes humidity). Perhaps I accidentally bought a pansy? HA! Burn! So it is sitting on my ottoman and is looking totally happy in the comfortable temperatures. The only issue being indoors is that apparently the leaves will turn green.

In other change up news, I took down the canvas by my TV.

I keep feeling like that wall was too busy and didn't really fit with the black and white vibe of these walls. Plus it is good to have some empty walls to help a room breathe (I think). I am still getting used to it! What do you think? I still like the painting (or fake painting? What do you call these things?), but I think it will go down in storage with it's twin until I have walls that they suit better.

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