Friday, May 9, 2014

Small Bathroom Organization

I am constantly trying to improve the organization of my tiny bathroom. I certainly don't have much storage in here, but I feel it is so much better than when I started making it over! In the past couple of years I have:
1) Added a new medicine cabinet
2) Added shelves for towels
3) Organized the counter
4) Organized under the sink

I use my bathroom to store a lot of stuff- my beauty products, medicine, toiletries, etc. And for some reason I own a lot of these things :). I know you aren't actually supposed to store a lot of these things in bathrooms, but I have limited storage and I run the fan when I shower so I figure it is all good. However, I have been thinking lately that my makeup probably should be in a case with a lid rather than open to the lovely bathroom air.

I don't own a lot of make up- I tend to buy just a few high end products and do my face the same way every morning. Therefore when I saw this small box at HomeSense for $15 I had to snap it up (on giftcard too- free for me!). It is actually a smaller, black version of the box I got for my nail polish.

I also got this basket for the back of the cupboard door! The frame is a bit large for the door (what is UP with that?) but it neatly stores all my travel cases, which are always in the way under here. And it was only $6! Also from HomeSense.

So there you are- a couple little updates in the bathroom! I hope the HomeSense giftcard fairy stops by for my birthday on Monday because I always seem to find awesome things there. I wouldn't say no to the Canadian Tire giftcard fairy either! Or restaurant fairy, or chapters fairy, or even the new-condo fairy :)


  1. Looks great. Love the shelf. I hope all the fairies visit for your birthday!

  2. In the US we have TJ Maxx/Home Sense and it is seriously my favorite place to shop. And I don't even really like shopping! I got a small black box similar to that this weekend. I needed something to store my stationary, which had seriously gotten out of control!


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