Friday, May 16, 2014

Random Friday Things

I don't seem to have much to blog about this week! I blame the rain. Or my laziness (it is probably the latter). So here is a bunch of random things not worth a whole post:

- I talked to Schwinn customer service about my broken bike. They were super awesome and offered to help out with the cost of the gear tune up and help with any replacement parts that are needed! Any recommendations on Toronto bike repair shops? I called one place and they said their tune ups start at $60, which seems high

- My wig is ridiculously gross right now. Simultaneously greasy and dried out. I have a hair appointment today though, so hopefully they can make it pretty again

- Speaking of pretty, I am going to see Legally Blonde the Musical this weekend! (yes Erika, watch out for us!!) I've been singing "Omigod, You Guys" in my head all day. If you want tickets, it is playing this weekend and the 24th at Town Hall 1873 in Port Perry

- I haven't run since Sunday due to shin pain. I am hoping to get back out again this weekend! I have exactly 3 months until my 15km race

- My weight has been all over the place. I know I pigged out over last weekend, but that can't explain these fluctuations! I realized, though, that over the last couple weeks I have been drinking Coke Zero like it was going out of style. I think maybe it was making me gain weight through water retention or something? So I am off zee bubbles for a few days to see if it helps.

- I really want to double skunk the computer on my cribbage app. My mom told me she has done this and  now it is my life goal. I play on hard mode and out of 302 games I have skunked (won by 31 or more points) the computer 30 times. To double skunk you need to win by 61 points! Apparently there is something called triple skunking, but that seems so impossible that it isn't even on my app.

- I am soooooo excited about my trip to Iceland in 3 months! My friend Sarah and I have been planning away and we have our flights booked, our rental car booked, and 5 nights accommodation booked. We just need to plan out our remaining days on the road! Right now we are spending 2.5 days in town and 7 days out on the road- going to do a lot of hiking and sight-seeing

- I am also excited about my other plans this summer! Right now I have very few open weekends, I have a wedding, 2-3 cottage trips planned, Niagara Falls, boating, my 15km run, Blogpodium, Terry Fox. I am not sure how I plan to pay for all this AND Iceland AND a new wig AND a new condo in the fall. Um Casey, you ain't rich. Time to switch to no-name brand boxed mac n cheese.

- There were a ridiculous amount of yolks in my eggs at lunch today. I don't think I've ever have a double yolk egg before and today I had TWO. They made quite the large omelette...

- It's a long weekend this weekend!! Hurrah for an extra day to sleep in :)


  1. Have a great weekend. Most soft drinks have a lot of sodium in them...check the coke zero. That will do it... BUSY summer! Exciting plans! I'm going away to a girl friends' in Brantford for our annual College Girls reunion weekend. Party time and I hope to WIN at bean bag toss this year! xo Sheila

  2. When I lived at Davisville this is the bike shop I used:
    Cyclepath Norco (Yonge & Eglinton)
    2106 Yonge St
    Toronto, ON M4S 2A5

    They were very helpful and professional. $60.... hmmm that seems about right. Many places have different tune up options. The highest one usually includes washing your bike now you. Since you have already done that, definitely skip that option. I think that CyclePath has many locations around Toronto. Their website says they are currently focusing ONLY on tune ups.

    I was just thinking the other day how I miss double yolks! I think they are good luck like a wish chip. :) Where did you get your eggs? I thought most mass producing plants check them for size and number of yolks (and to make sure no fertile eggs slipped in). Mmm farm fresh eggs sound good right about now.

    This ramble brought to you by Cuddy

    1. Ill check out Cyclepath.

      We got our eggs at the grocery store- Super Bon-ee brand! I read that double yolks are common with extra large eggs. and that if you get one in a carton you'll often find more in that one because of the brood they came from or something

  3. a double yolk is good luck! now you have double good luck :)
    sounds like you have a fun summer planned! i'm in the process of filling my calendar... it's definitely not as exciting as yours. Iceland!? that's going to be so so so so so much fun! can't wait to see the pictures you post when you get back

    xx ani ||


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