Monday, May 26, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 13

Current Weight: 154.4 (down 10.6 lbs overall)
BMI: 24.1

Woohoo!! Under 155!! Though, I am not 100% sure it is accurate because I was a little hungover and probably dehydrated. But I will take it! I had a lot of food and beer this weekend too- alas patio season has arrived and I think it will work against my weight loss plans :). I have been taking the slow and steady technique through this whole thing and so perhaps it will just start getting a bit slower, but hopefully I can stay on the downward trend!


My only ability to counteract the delicious beer is going to be exercise. I have barely worked out since my 10K run, due to my shin splints. But it has been a couple weeks now so I think I am going to get back into running consistently. And my friend and I signed up for a twice-weekly bootcamp class, which I expect will kick my butt and help me tone up my flatter tummy.

In other running news- the Blogger Joggers are going to be meeting up on Thursday at 7pm to go for a run in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, followed by some delicious doughnut eating. Please shoot me an email at if you wanna come join us!



  1. Hahahaha! I love both of these. Looking forward to Thursday!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! YOU GO girl!! xo Sheila

  3. We're almost the exact same weight! I seem to be finding all the weight you're losing lol Keep up the good work!
    I used to in the 160's up until my first year year in university. After that year, I started watching my portion sizes, stopped eating late, and reduced my liquid calories. It made a huge difference and I ended up getting down into the 120's! Although keep in mind I'm only 5'4". It took me the better part of a year to lose the weight but somehow I managed to keep it off all this time! Well that is until I went and got myself knocked up :P

    1. I have no baby to blame it on ;). But congrats on losing all that weight!!


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