Monday, May 12, 2014

Casey Gets Fit: Week 11

Current Weight: 157 (down 8 lbs overall)
BMI: 24.6

Today is my birthday!! And therefore my weekend was full of delicious food and booze and I am not ashamed of my weight at the end of it. On Friday I met some friends for drinks and pizza, and I might have overindulged in the drinking part (my friends are bad, but oh so very fun, influences)! On Saturday I had brunch with an out-of-town friend, and then Cam took me to the aquarium!! After that we found ice cream and went out for dinner. It was a lovely day and we walked around for 2 hours! Which is basically all the working out I have done since Tuesday.

I wasn't trying to be lazy this week, but my shin splints had been bothering me since my Tuesday run and I had a 10K race on Sunday!!! Which I am proud to say I ran in 55:13!!! That is a 5 minute improvement over last year! It must have been all that "carb loading" I did on Friday and Saturday. My goal had been to run it in 55 minutes but I honestly did not think I was going to hit that and I had adjusted my goal to under an hour. However, Sunday was a perfect run day and the course is mostly downhill so I flew like the wind :)

The medals were little paddles as the run supports Camp Ooch
My Mom and Lee ran it with me and they also bested their old times! The weather on Sunday was just perfect for a run with good temperatures and happy sunshine (especially compared to last year). I joked to my mom that most mothers were getting breakfast in bed and relaxing on Sunday and mine had to get up at 5:30am and come run down Yonge St with me :). As for our birthday and Mother's day gifts, we are taking each other to see Flashdance in a few weeks! Sunday was just about spending time together and we went out for brunch after our run. It was also my stepdad's birthday last week so we were all celebrating.

I felt really good on this run. My shin splits were gone (the best cure for those is rest!) and after a bit of a rough first km with stiff thighs, I felt like I was just flying down the road. I had to take two short walking breaks in the second half, but that was fine by me. I knew that I was pushing myself to get a good time and needed a minute now and then to get my body rested-up if I wanted to maintain my pace. 

Now I need to take a couple of days off (perhaps celebrate one more day of birthday with some more junk food), and then I am going to get back into my running and my diet!! I still have my 15K run in August to get ready for. My goal for that one is 1:30, which will be tough but I am feeling confident.

Today's Pump It Up Song:
David Guetta & Alesso ft. Tegan and Sara: Every Chance We Get We Run


  1. Happy Birthday! And congratulations on the run!!

  2. Serious congrats on your run, that is a really awesome time! You are a speedy minx.

  3. That's amazing. Congrats and happy birthday! Hope your day is great!

  4. Whoo! That's a great time! Gah! I miss running...


  5. Happy Birthday and hope the "fairies" were good to you!

  6. Happy birthday, Casey!!!! I hope you get spoiled and that those Homesense/Canadian Tire gift cards come rolling in!

  7. Happy Birthday!! And I think the hard work is paying off as you look fantastic in that photo!!

  8. Happy birthday and congrats on your race time! My friend saw Flashdance a little while ago and said it was amazing :)

    xx Ani @ The Ani Project

  9. Happy birthday to you and congratulations on the great run! I have been following your blog for a while, and I enjoy it.

  10. Congrats on the run and Happy Birthday!!! xo Sheila


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