Friday, May 2, 2014

A Gnatsy Problem

I don't know much about bugs, but for some reason my entire neighbourhood gets infested with gnats every spring. On one hand, it is super handy getting a little extra protein intake on my runs (not), but on the other hand, they annoy me! A pillow got blown off a chair onto a balcony floor this week, but I don't want to go out there to get it because I can see the hundreds of gnats just chilling everywhere and I do not want those buggers indoors.

Now, I feel like I can't complain because a lot of units in my building have issues with giant spiders on their balcony. I did the first summer I was here but thankfully they haven't come back (though, if I had a spider I wouldn't have gnats. details).

Still- I did some Googling on how to improve my outdoor gnat situation:
1. Rub fabric softener sheets on furniture
2. Let plants dry out between waterings. I wonder if all the extra rain and the wind has enticed them to my wet, calm balcony
3. Bury a clove of garlic in the soil of plants- I will try this when I get plants!
4. Buy plants to deter insects- there is a whole list here. Lavender might be a nice option
5. Apply lemon oil to the edge of plant pots

It looks like with a few simple tricks I should be able to keep these buggers at bay this summer! I don't have any plants out here yet, so that isn't an issue. All my plants from last summer seem to have died/are dying so I need to pick up some new ones.

Balcony last summer!

PS- I am really excited to buy some plants and then spend some time out here! But it is still sooo cold. Today I went for a run with pants and long sleeves. Unacceptable, Mother Nature.


  1. Seriously! Doesn't mother nature know it's MAY! We've suffered enough. I saw a girl wearing earmuffs yesterday!

    1. Its funny- when I am out running in shorts I am passing people in parkas!!

  2. Thanks for the tips on deterring those little suckers! xo Sheila


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