Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pretty Turquoise Things

I have this rule about decorating my home- I don't buy things unless they are pretty. I have a theory that all pretty things automatically go together, so therefore it doesn't take much to make me say "yes" to pretty! Except sometimes pretty things are expensive and my biggest rule about home decorating is don't spend all my money.

I have been eyeing gorgeous lacquer and mirror boxes for awhile, even though I don't really have a need for one. I just think they are pretty! This past weekend I was at Winners (because that is where I generally can be found on weekends) and I found the prettiest mirrored box and it even had a turquoise pattern- and I am a fan of turquoise. I was expecting this box to be $60+ dollars like all the other ones I have seen, but low and behold, it was only $20 and the proceeds went to Shop for Hope, a charity devoted to helping women's shelters. Um, gorgeous, cheap, and for charity? I am in. PS- I also bought that gorgeous stuffed elephant on their webpage for my niece!

Ah, if only there was a home decor tip for storing a wig :). I am using the new box to store my nail polish, because I am fancy. I used to use a dollar store box, but I am pretty happy about this upgrade because there is finally room to store more polishes! To celebrate, I went out bought three more yesterday. I have an addiction.

I also picked up a set of 4 side plates!! Not part of the charity, but just pretty and needed to come home with me. I am trying to cut my addiction to buying pretty bowls by allowing myself to buy pretty plates. One day I shall find the perfect dinner plates and pasta bowls, and then I can finally toss my 5 year old, chipped set.

And lastly, this happened this weekend!

There is furniture and cushions on the balcony! Warm weather is in sight! It is still cool out most days and cold at night so I am keeping the plants indoors for a couple more weeks, but I was happy to make the balcony look a little cuter. I washed all the furniture and the floor on the weekend so it is looking much brighter and happier out here. The turquoise/green pillow isn't new- it used to be on my couch and then moved to the locker for a long time. I am thinking I am liking the colours with the navy striped pillows and yellow chair, so I think I will swap the flamingo pillow for the other matching pillow.

I am also now thinking apple green might be THE colour for the tabletop. What do you think?


  1. OK, the plates are my absolute fav!!!!! Wow!!!!

    1. I know, arent they cute?? I wish they had full sized plates in this pattern, but there were only side plates. I am going to start eating smaller meals so I can use them more :)

  2. i love those plates!!!

  3. Great buys! I'm coming to sit on your balcony for a glass of wine THIS SUMMER! xo Sheila


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